Thursday, February 2, 2012

Where's the Ball?

Hockey star Wayne Gretzky said "I don't skate to where the puck is, I skate to where it is going to be." 

Catching the football requires running to where the ball is going to be.  In earlier posts I talked a little about the amazing amount of thinking that goes on to catch a ball.  Judging the speed and distance it will travel, figuring out the line it is taking and what line you need to run to get under it.  Figuring out whether to leap or dive for it. 

 "Keep your eye on the ball."
You'll see in these photos, players are focused on the target.
I love posting ball-photos where you see the ball at the instant the the receiver catches it. A lot has happened before those moments. If you could see the expression on the player's face you'd see the concentration and focus. 

Today let's try to give you some close-up photos of players reading the pass and gettig in position to catch it.
The receiver is running down field, away from the quarterback.
She has to know when to turn and look for the ball.  Catching
a ball over the shoulder is different from and harder than
facing the passer and catching it head on.

Eye on the ball, running to where it is going to come down.

Sometimes the ball comes in high, over your shoulder.
Sometimes it is low and you may have to dive to catch it.

Okay, I love the camera and that 300mm lens.  It is capturing
facial expressions.  You can see her eyes, where she is
looking for the ball.

Watch the ball, run to where it will land. 

I like this one because I can't tell quite what is happening.
A good photographer would have enough of her arms and
legs in the photo that you can see if she is running (she is)
or if the play is over.  I like the tee shirt.

In an earlier post I featured this receiver sharing the frame with
a ghost.  I've learned her name is Ereka Howard.  She's a
graduate of Texas State.  And she is just full of enthusiasm
and energy.

I don't know her name yet but I've already decided she'll be a star.  She is fast.  If she gets a step on a defender, the defender will not catch her.  I'm eager to see her play in a game.

Someday soon I'm going to resume player profiles.  Helping you get to know the Outlaws.  Knowing the players makes the games more fun.  It takes a special kind of person to put on helmet and pads and numbered shirts and go out there and use strength and skill to impose your will on the opponent.

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