Thursday, February 9, 2012

Little People

At every practice and every game there are lots of photo opportunities that have little to do with football.  With a digital camera I can shoot hundreds of photos without worry about the cost of processing - because there is no film to develop, no processing expense. 

At every practice and every game are little people.  Children of the players, children of the fans.  A photographer's secret - photos of little people always make the photographer look good.  Today I'm getting away from fashion photography and football action.  Instead I'm posting pictures of the little people. 

I love editing to close-up photos.  Facial expressions are
fascinating, especially when the subject isn't aware of the

She has picked up one of the blocking pads and is
ready to start a workout.

There were two dogs, one white, one black.  Camera's have difficulty handling wide range of contrast in the same photo.So the black dog isn't as visible as the white.  The dogs were excited.  The young lady wanted to befriend them but also wanted to keep all of her fingers to herself.   I admired her caution in approaching the pups.  Not sure she qualifies as "little people."  I'm terrible at guessing people's ages. 

While the players and coaches are working on the field, there is always a group of supporters
keeping occupied on the sideline. 

Love the jeans.  A fashion
statement, right?  And I said I
was going to stop with the fashion

Somewhere he has found a snack.  Not sure exactly
what is in those bags but I am sure it is snack
food.  Seemed a good idea after a couple hours
 of shooting photos.  But he wasn't offering to share
with me.

Not sure what she's doing here.  It looks like
skateboarding without the skateboard.

As you have already observed, I like close-up photos.  Many of the photos you see started with the entire person in the picture and then were cropped on my photo editor until I got an image I really like.

This is a close-up created from a full person photo. 
When people don't know they're being photographed
their facial expressions are intriguing. 

I post photos because I like them.  And because I think the subject in the photo looks good.  I realize that what I like may differ from what the player/parents like.  If there is ever a photo posted her that you do not like, please let me know and I'll remove it.  This blog has two aims - to promote women's professional football by presenting it in a positive light, and to entertain me,  and hopefully you, with cool photos and silly prose.  I absolutely never want anyone to be unhappy with anything I post.  Be sure to let me know if I slip up.

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