Friday, February 17, 2012

Faces of Football

I was going to call it "Player of the Week" but KJ Scheib suggested "Featured Player" instead.  She said one a week may be difficult.  Better to do as many as I could as often as I could without getting tied to firm commitment.

Thank you KJ.

I started featuring players for the Outlaws website.  I've done about twenty or so - um, that's a lot fewer than one a week.  I used a question form to get information from the player.  Then I'd meet the player over coffee at Starbucks for an interview and head-and-shoulder photo.  From the interview and question form I'd write an article.  I'd illustrate it with game photos and KJ would publish it to the website.

These featured player articles were going to be the foundation of this blog. 

It isn't happening.  I'm having trouble making time to meet players for the interviews.  Players are busy with practice three days a week plus many of them have to work for a living at a real job (I'm retired).  Seems we should be able to overcome these obstacles but at the rate I'm going this could be titled "Player of the Year."  I am working a few profiles. 

I really really want to get Lucinda "CPR" Benitez interviewed; her question form was complete long ago and she is a fascinating person as well as a great player.  But she lives south and I live north and she's busy and I'm lazy... 

I'm almost ready to publish Marisa "Cookie" Rivas.  We've done the interview and I have lots of photos ready.  Just waiting for her to see and approve the article.  I never publish without player approval.

One alternative approach I could do more quickly is just to publish action photos of a player.  I may start doing that.  I have lots of wonderful photos of Ereka Howard.  But I'd really rather include some information about her.  Judging by her photos she's a fascinating person.  I suspect she'll be fun to watch in games this season. 

Long intro - for today's post I'm just going to publish some up-close photos.  I wonder if they play as well on your computer as on mine?  I have hundreds.  I'm posting shots I like.  Hope you like them too. 

This is Ereka.  If she looks familiar it is because I've used
lots of photos of her.  Love her energy, her enthusiasm.

Don't know her name (or did I forget?) 

Calls herself Lucky.  She's new.  Isn't playing but working
to help with all the stuff that needs to be done. 

Gina.  She's from Michigan.  So am I.  So we're friends. 

Eyes on the ball...

My friend Ski Tejeda.  Grandma.  My kind of player.  You've seen her in my blog.
Look at the jersey.  She is a football player.

Coach Bobbie.  She smiles a lot.  I like this shot.

Vero.  Taking a year off from football.  She was one of
my recent featured players.  Remarkable young woman.

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