Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Race to Nowhere

Some posts to this blog haven't been totally serious.  Those are my favorites.  I'm not a serious person.  I'm always seeking funny.  Sometimes finding funny where it isn't.  I'm having a serious week so I tried extra hard to find funny for this post. 

Sometimes funny is in the action.  Sometimes it is just an accident of when the camera stops the action.  Sometimes both. This is a drill conducted during warm-ups. I caught this Outlaw in a mid-execution. Looks a little funny but she's doing what the DI (drill instructor) told her to do.

Not sure I could do that.

A half second later she would have looked more like this.  Not a whole lot better.  In my many years of watching football games I can't recall ever seeing a play where anyone raised a foot and reached out to touch his/her toe.

Well, punters.  Almost.

Warm-ups take players through strange positions that must make sense to the DIs but don't make much sense to me.  But do strike me as funny.

Reminds me of Tim Tebow.  Just a little.
I guess this a stretching drill and I've read that stretching before athletic activity is a good thing. 

They were running laps - more on that later - and just
stopped to... well, to do whatever they're doing.

There must be a reason for this...

We used to call this Jumping Jacks.  When the ladies do it is it Jumping Jills?  Sorry.  Silly.

Certainly she knows that shoulder pads are
worn under the jersey?
It isn't only the weird exercises I find amusing, standing there behind my camera looking for some good action to capture for posterity. I've spent a couple recent posts being amused at the way certain players dress, the socks they wear. I won't spend much time on that today but I did find it interesting that some players wore their shoulder pads on the outside.

And I wondered why.  Is it that we haven't gotten to the part of training where we explain how to wear a uniform?  Rookies might not know.  But this player doesn't look like a rookie to me.  She looks a lot like a quarterback and quarterbacks tend to be smart.

A friend also wearing the pads outside.  Is this a case where
one doesn't know and the other is acting the same so the
unknowing one won't be embarrassed?

Of all the silly things we do, I've always thought running is the silliest.  Experts on fitness will say I'm wrong.  I guess I am.  But someone watching adults, even young adults like the Outlaws, running the perimeter of the football field seems a waste.  Like a race to nowhere. 

Not a real race.  No one will win a gold medal.  Just running to be running. 
Racing to nowhere.

Of course this isn't a race to nowhere. This is a race to excellence. This is a race to the playoffs. 

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