Monday, February 6, 2012

Fund Raising Fun, Superbowl Party

Smelled so good!
I don't like parties.  I do like food. 

Yesterday was Superbowl Sunday.  Yesterday the Outlaws had a fund raiser party at Quinns Neighborhood Bar in Round Rock.  And you know, I was almost drawn into the party.  Photos don't capture the aroma of food cooking but that smell of good cooking was almost enough.

Quarterback Marisa Rivas posing
outside of Quinns for a future blog
player profile.
I was there early to interview  Quarterback Marisa Rivas and to shoot some photos - for this blog. She'll be one of my player profiles in the near future.  For the profile I use a photo of the player away from the football field. 

So I made the trip to Quinns and planned a quick visit, snap some photos of Marisa, ask a few questions to make the profile interesting.

And then I caught the scent of the fajitas. 

And then party people started arriving.  Nice people.  I like the Outlaws. 

I think they're singing. 
Fund raising is a fact of life for the Outlaws.  If you're a fan, feel free to contribute money.  When you hear about fund raisers, come on out. 

Participate.  It is cool to be able to go to a party (if you're normal and enjoy parties), sing along, enjoy fajitas and refried beans and your choice of beverage, socialize with interesting people, watch a game on large screen television - and all the while know you're helping the Outlaws cover the expenses of the 2012 football season. 

The players aren't paid for playing football.  In fact each player is responsible for generating income.  The team estimates the cost of the season - over $30,000!  And players are responsible to produce a pro-rata share.  Nearly $1,000 per player.  So the players arrange fund raisers like the Superbowl party.  Opportunities for fans to have fun while supporting the team.

If you're a fan of the Outlaws, if you want to promote opportunities for women in sports, consider responding to fund raisers.  Or consider sponsoring a player.  If you have a favorite player, contribute $$$ to the team in her name. 

Early arrivers already in a party mood.  You
can see pre-game stuff going on on the TV in
the background.
Fund raising can be fun.  Contributing to the Outlaws can be fun.  Visiting with nice friends before the game starts is fun..Watching the game on a large screen, fun.  And wasn't that a great game!

Hosting, welcoming.

I keep coming back to the chef.  I think maybe chef's are the most important people
in the world. 

Early arrivers.

These photos were all shot early in the party.  As I said, I'm not a party guy.  Anytime there are more than four people in one place, I get uncomfortable.  Unless I have my camera in hand and the people are playing football.   So I went home early.  But I think they give you a sense of just how much fun it can be to be involved in Austin Outlaws football.

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