Sunday, February 5, 2012

Dress for Success

A men's semi-pro team practices on the same field as and just before the Outlaws.  I normally don't notice clothing, attire, fashion.  But with the guys trailing off the field as the ladies charged on, I noticed a stark contrast.  In four words - the ladies look better. 

I could post a photo of the guys, just so you can see the contrast, but I'm a photographer and my mission in life is to catch people look good.  So lets just focus on the ladies.
I'll need to ask Marisa about
the wrist-wear. Are those watches?
Bracelets? When I play sports
I never wear jewelry of any kind.
Well, actually I never wear jewelry
except a watch anyway.

By way of disclaimer, I'm not into fashion. I don't subscribe to GQ. I disagree with the opinions expressed in the "Dress for Success" books. I am ill equipped to place a value on the photos I'm about to post. I'd be interested in your opinion. Should we do a best-dressed Outlaw contest? If so, you'll have to be the judge(s). Not I.

One early observation - quarterbacks tend to consider the football to be a part of their uniform.  Both of my quarterback photos show the player holding the ball even though there's no one to throw it to or hand it to. 

Quarterbacks seem to have a ball in
hand a lot.  I wonder if they carry the
ball with them at work or school or

Color seems an important part of
dressing for success.  Lots of Outlaws
wear colorful workout outfits. 

I said I don't notice attire and that's
generally true but I'll admit I did notice
this all yellow outfit even before I thought
about a post on clothing. 
(Ask me about my Canary Joke.)

Isn't there a movie with a title about
ladies wearing pink? 

What do you call this color?  Teal?  Aqua?  Are both
the same color, just different shades?  In another
post I'll comment about footwear - or the lack of - at
Outlaws practices.

Many of the practice outfits advertise or express
support for various organizations, teams, towns.
This shirt has a long title:  "League of United
Latin American Citizens" - or LULAC.

Who wouldn't be proud to wear a Forty-Niners shirt,
considering the great record they had this season.

Lots of UT gear is worn by Outlaws.
This one is for basketball, not football.
I don't think UT has a women's football

I'm from Michigan so I had to include
this one.  Mackinaw City is on the northern
tip of the Michigan Lower Peninsula and is
a gateway to Mackinac Island - which is
pronounced Mackinaw Island. 

Lots of the ladies wear Outlaws signature shirts.  I believe you can but Outlaws gear
by visiting the Outlaws website. 

When I started this post I doubted I'd have enough material.  I was pleased to note that my photo files are rich in material relating to attire on the field, whether in practice or in games.  I'll be sure to do some future posts on the subject.  If you see me at a practice or game and you note an interesting fashion display, please let me know and I'll make a picture and post it here. 

I'd also love to hear from you on whether or not to do a best/worst dressed Outlaw competition.

Maybe we should do a best-dressed fan competition?

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