Monday, February 27, 2012


I missed Saturday's practice.  Really sad about that because I want to see how Ereka performs under game conditions.  I've love her intensity in practices.  How will that translate to games?  I suspect she'll be a star. 

This has evolved to a photo blog.  I intend to interview players and offer lots of profound prose to accompany the photos.  But the players are busy with three-a-week practices and full time jobs, and I'm busy with broken plumbing and broken hips (an elderly friend).  Wanting to provide frequent posts to this blog, I've been relying on photos.

Maybe photos are better than words.  I'd like to explain why I'm so fascinated by Ereka but maybe explaining isn't necessary.  Maybe if I post photos, you'll see for yourself.  So, without more comment, here's Ereka.

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