Saturday, December 31, 2011

Where's the Book?

Whatever authors are paid isn't enough.

I have advance copies of the book in hand.  But still imperfect.  Somehow going from a Word manuscript to a PDF with font embedded (I don't know what that means but the publisher requires it) caused pages to change.  My print-ready format got distorted and I didn't notice until I received the copies I ordered as proofs.  So tweaking is in process and then back to publisher.

One bit of good news here - all the hassle had me checking out other publishers.  One was recommended to me by other Print-on-demand authors.  I've uploaded my book this publisher and ordered proof copies.  I'll use this publisher instead of Lulu if the quality is comparable.  Because their prices are substantially lower.

Print on demand is understandably costly.  Anything I can do to reduce the price will make the book more attractive to Outlaw players and family. 

I should have my proof copies by Thursday and I'll update the book status then.  Until then, I'll just state here with zero modesty - it looks great!

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