Wednesday, December 21, 2011

What Kind of Woman Plays Football

This isn't really Shadana Hurd, is it? 

The girl they call Bo-Peep.  The one who, when I photographed her for my featured player article, couldn't do "serious".  If you met Shadana in the mall, you wouldn't guess she's a wonderful running back for a women's professional football team. 

If you met a lot of the Outlaws off the field, out of uniform, you wouldn't know.

What kind of woman plays football?  A few years ago I started doing a series of featured player articles for the Outlaws website.  I interviewed players and published their stories.  I kept looking for a common theme, something that would answer the question of what kind of woman.  I didn't find one. 

Outlaws come in various sizes, big, small, short, tall.  Various careers.  Various levels of education.  Various personality styles, serious, funny, quiet, noisy. 

This past week I was revisiting a few of my player profiles and thought I maybe had a theme.  If you read about Alex Allen, you saw a young woman who encountered some serious adversity in life and just got stronger because of it.  I recalled a few other players who had challenges and overcame.  Abusive spouses, family issues.  But the pattern didn't hold up because many others hadn't been so challenged.  I realized (again) that women who play football are hard to stereotype.  Check out these photos -

I'm going to do more player profiles.  You're smarter than I.  Maybe as you read the profiles you'll find the answer.

One thing I did find in common.  Football is a tough sport.  A lot of work.  Women who play football are doing something that is very difficult. 

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