Monday, December 19, 2011

All About the Book

Once again the book about the Outlaws is back in publication.  You can check it out a  Here's the Link

I've already reported on some of the problems with the book - first trouble getting the computer to compile the files, then convincing the publisher's computers to accept the PDF file.  Uploading took most of today.  Doing page layouts took most of this past week. 

It was worth it.  At least in my opinion.  The book is slick, looks like something you'd buy at Barnes and Noble.

The price seems high but that's because of the limited market.  Big publishers get economies of scale printing  thousands of copies of books they publish.  I think the book about the Outlaws will appeal very much to players and family but doubt there are enough of them to buy more than a hundred copies or so.  The only way I know to deal with a small market is the Print on Demand option. 

Right now I have the paperback version in the Lulu catalog.  I'm planning to add an ebook format soon.  Just ran out of energy today.

Soon we'll get back to talking about football on this blog.

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