Thursday, December 29, 2011

"Little Giants" movie - Slant on girls playing football, competition

This blog has been on vacation over the Christmas/New Year Holidays - but a movie on television demands attention here.  It isn't much of a movie and I'm not much of a movie watcher.  It was already started when I channel surfed and picked up the theme - a girl who is an excellent athlete is denied an opportunity to play on the boys football team.

Reminded me of my Outlaw friends so I settled down to be inspired and entertained.  The girl is Becky, niece to the coach of the boys team, Kevin, who is a legend in the small town because of his excellence in football.  He is portrayed as a despicable character because of his competitive drive and attitude toward girls.  He invites Becky to be a cheerleader, not a player.

In rebellion, Becky rounds up a bunch of little rascals type kids, kids who were never nearly good enough to make the boys team, and she forms a team of her own with her father, Danny, as coach.  Danny knows nothing about football, is not athletic.  And now the movie has two themes - can Becky compete against the boys?  Can a bunch of non-athletes compete against the highly practiced, highly skilled, highly gifted boys team? 

Then the movie takes a little twist.  Becky has feelings for one of the boys on her team, one of the only athletes aside from her.  But he is attracted to the cute little cheerleader.  He doesn't even see Becky as a "girl" but more like a pal.  Which causes Becky to doubt her choice to play football.  She's caught in a quandary - the boy or the game?  Can't have both.  Aside:  The boy is stooopid.  Becky is not only a gifted athlete but a lovely girl. 

She opts for the boy.  On the day of the big game, skilled vs ragtags, Becky appears in a cheerleader outfit.  Much to my dismay. 

At halftime, the ragtags trail 21-0 but are touched by an inspiring pep talk from the coach and remarkably turn the tide of the game in the second half.  But to do so, they need help.  And Becky puts down the pom-poms and puts on shoulder pads, charges out onto the field and helps with the unlikely upset.  WEARING HER CHEERLEADER SKIRT!  Shoulder pads and helmet on top, cute little skirt instead of football pants.

I find the Hollywood view of reality to be distorted at best.  This movie is typical of the way they see the world.  Why do they think that way?  Why can't Becky be totally a football player and totally a girl both?  How could it ever happen that a bunch of no-talent non-athletes with only two weeks of training under the guidance of a know-nothing coach (exception, John Madden made a cameo and inspired the team) possibly survive in a game against a real football team?  Why do they think gifted athletes are obnoxious evil people? 

There's enough here for more than one blog post so I'll return to the subject in a day or two (so much for a blog vacation).  I found myself angry with a B movie because of the silly message about girls, competition.

I'd love to hear from visitors to this blog - are you familiar with the movie?   Any thoughts to share?

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Anonymous said...

i haven't seen the movie, but now I definitely will be sure to continue NOT seeing it! :) Lily