Monday, July 2, 2012

Where have I been?; Kids

Why are they standing
back to back?
On June 24 I posted a not very serious discussion of what I consider a serious subject - my point was that differences in people make life interesting.  Viva la difference.  The post featured a couple of my favorite Outlaws clowning it up a little in a series of size comparison photos. 

Then on June 28, I posted some fun photos called the faces of football.  One of the faces-photos was salvaged from the size-comparison shots and recalled the days of my youth when proud parents had cousins stand back to back to see which is taller. 

Are you still with me? 

I'm trying to get two ideas covered in one post and one long introduction.  First,  frequency of posting to this blog.  June 24, June 28, and now July 2.  Four days between posts.  That's fewer than two posts per week.  Is this what you should expect in the future?  Answer: I don't know.  I'm aiming at three posts per week.  But lately...

...lately I've been working on some really cool subjects.  Like Rubi Reyna and Ereka Howard and Maile and Malia Capers-Cristobal and QT Preston.  I want to resume player profiles, like the May 10 profile of Cookie,  because you like them and they're fun to do.  But they take more time than other posts.  Profiles require meetings and interviews.  I'm not a good interviewer; I get to talking and forget to focus and then have to follow up with questions like why is Maile nicknamed "Tab"?

To fill in between-profiles, I like to insert some fun posts.  I'm working on one about  zebras - the officials.  I had fun with my size post.  And "Neat or Messy."  And "Tricks of the Game." 

Or fill in with just fun photos (are you impressed that I've resisted the temptation to spell the "F" sound the same way?  Fun Fotos.  Or Phun Photos.  It is tempting.)  The problem with this is I have too many photos.  Sifting through them to pick ones worthy of you, who take your time to visit my blog, is a big job.  So posting frequency is unpredictable.  The goal is about every other day. 

Would you like to post here?  If you'd like to post to my blog, let me know.  I'd love to have guest posts.

Today I'm posting phun photos. 

Of kids.  If you know these kids or their families, please tell them they're featured here.  If anyone would prefer not to be on the internet, just let me know and I'll delete the picture.

I think the one in the red
shirt is taller.
When I pointed my camera toward three boys who were playing around on the sidelines before the game, they noticed and posed.    Posed back- to-back the way we cousins used to be posed for height comparison. Two are in the lead photo above, two here.
That reminded me of my recent size comparison post titled "The Long and the Short."  Which gave me a hook for starting todays post.  Not much of a hook but I don't need much. 

Now that you see two different sets of boy back to back, can you tell which is taller?

When kids or other people see my camera aiming their way, they pose.  Usually I dislike posed photos (you should see how much trouble I have shooting the posed head-shots for profiles) but sometimes they work.  As in the case of this young Outlaws fan.

Honestly, I can't hear the noise these noise-makers make.

She is holding a couple noise-makers.  Each is inscribed with "go team" and during the game she bangs them together to make encouraging noises and inspire the Outlaws.  When I pointed the camera at her she demonstrated.  If the photos aren't as sharp as you've come to expect of my photos, it is because she was quite a distance away and the lighting was imperfect and don't blame the photographer but blame the camera...

Catching kids unaware is more my photographic style.  I've noticed that younger ones aren't always engaged in the happenings on the field.  And not always totally delighted about being here. 

He has brought a toy train engine to
the game for when the action doesn't
interest him. 

Don't know what he's sad about.  He has a snack
sack.  I do have other photos of this young fan with
less forlorn facial epressions but I like this one
best (sorry mom).

He does appear to be engaged in whatever is
happening on the field.

Coming up soon, on Wednesday if I keep to my schedule, fun posts and profile posts (which are fun, too). 

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