Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Before the Game

I arrive at the stadium about an hour before game time.  The Outlaws arrive a full three hours early.  I don't know what they do in the two hours before I get there but I do have some photos of that last hour.  Here's a little of what goes on before the game.

Shadana Hurd, former player, now volunteer worker.
Like volunteers arriving.  Like Shadana Hurd, former star and now volunteer.  I don't know her job during the game but she must have one because she's carrying a clipboard.  Looks serious, doesn't she.  Camera trick.  Shadana is always smiling or laughing and never serious.

And Alex Allen, another former player who is a volunteer. Don't tell anyone - I think it is a secret - she is Outlaw Annie. See the big sack she's carrying. That's Outlaw Annie apparel. In her other hand she has a sack of food and a soda. Being a mascot takes lots of energy.

Alex Allen, former player, now
Outlaw Annie
In my normal fashion I cannot remember the name of this volunteer. And I certainly don't remember her job at the game. This in spite of sitting with her on the bench watching pre-game activities. You can tell she did arrive and it was before the game started.

Somebody tell me her name and what her
volunteer role is.  So embarrassing the way
I don't remember important stuff.

I do know this volunteer's name. She is Dr. Tara Morris, the Team Trainer/Doctor. We always hope she won't have much to do at these games but football is a collision sport and sometimes medical care is needed. I can't recall the last time I've heard a public address voice ask "Is there a doctor in the house?" At Outlaws games the answer is yes.
Dr. Tara Morris, team trainer and doctor.

I'm going to post a couple photos and see if you can figure out the theme.  When I browsed my collection for before-the-game shots, I was initially stumped by these.  But then I remembered.  Hint:  The photos would make immediate sense if they included an audio track.

That's coach Bobbie with hand in the air.  She has noticed
something that coach Lance hasn't.  But you can see
he is getting some vibes.

Coach Lance joining Bobbie in the raised hands thing, while
others are taking notice.  What do you think is going on?

Figure it out yet?  They're dancing!  And why dance before a football game?  Because the public address guy is testing the equipment and blasting "music" for all to hear and some to enjoy. 

Everybody dance!  Come on Lucky, join the party.

Serious dancing going on here.

So before the game we have people testing the sound system and other people helping the testers by dancing.  We have volunteers arriving to help make the Outlaws a success. 

What are the players doing in this, their third hour, at the stadium?  Stretching.

Touch the left toe, then the right...

Bend that leg back, left first, pull on it, stretch those muscles.

Actually they've been going through pre-game warm-ups.  I don't get many photos of that because I get bored watching people doing exercises.  In fact, it is surprising I have these shots of the stretching. 

I do have a question.  In Austin, the temperature at game time is in the nineties.  That's warm.  Why would anyone have to "warm up" in that kind of heat?

There's a lot to do to put on a football game.  A lot of work.  A lot of coordination.  I have often expressed in this blog my admiration of Lily Messina.  She is team founder and has been officially the General Manager until she handed that title to someone else.  Now she coaches and she still makes things happen. 

Just a few minutes before the game starts the officials show up on the field.  In a future blog post I'm going to tell you all about officiating a football game. 

Actually there are six officials.  The sixth is time keeper and this close to kickoff he
is up in a control booth.

When an official is heading toward the field, when the scoreboard shows 0-0 with 15:00 minutes to play in the first quarter, you know the game is about to begin. 

I always love the countdown to kickoff. 

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Malia Capers-Cristobal said...

Well, the person who you didn't know her name is like my "hanai" sister...not blodd sister but my dad has kind of "adopted" her as our sister since she really doens't have any family here. Her name is Elizabeth, we call her Liz. she along with a bunch of my other friends and family all volunteer for our games. Sometimes she was our water girl or helping with the chain gang markers. She always made sure to ask off during our games from her night job to make sure she could be there to help support us in any way we needed. She also does Reiki, a kins of "laying of the hands" therapy...she helped out some of our players with their injuries, sharing her energy for healing. I love our family friends who coem out to support us by just being available for whatever the team needed!!