Friday, July 13, 2012

Maine Jackson

Intimidating, isn't she?
Her name is Maine.  She is on the Outlaws roster as Charmaine. 

She recently posted a photo of herself doing chin ups with a boy on her back.  I don't know his relationship - possibly son, possibly one of the children she works with at the Austin Children's Shelter.  I do chin ups (pull ups?) are difficult using just your own weight.  If you can do the chin up with 50 added pounds on you're back, you are strong. 

Maine is strong.  She works out. 

She made a devastating tackle in the Houston game (see my posting June 17).  I started checking my photos for #22 just to see if she's as good as the Houston tackle would suggest.  She is.  I'm posting here a couple examples.  Expect I'll do more in future posts.  These were culled from just two games in the 2012 season. 

The first is a five-photo series taken from the Dallas game.  In my July 8 posting I selected a photo from this series to show Dallas' #21 Tiffany Hill making a play.  That photo, the fourth in this five-photo series, was picked up by the Dallas team and by a publication in Dallas, "The Dallas Voice."  (I think that's the name of the publication.)  What I didn't show is the rest of the story, the Maine Jackson story.

Blocker seems to have Maine contained.  Nope.

Shaking off the blocker.

Solid hit.

Jackson hits Hill forcing her off her route.  See MaryLou
in the background recording the action.

Hill driven out of bounds by Jackson.
The second is a two-photo series (are two photos enough to call it a "series"?).  You can only fully appreciate this if you've played football and attempted to bring down a swift runner who is trying to get away.  The first shot has Maine in the backfield with Brittany Satterwhite, star running back for the Diamonds.  She has outstanding stats and is one of the best in the league and is part of the reason Dallas is going to San Diego Saturday and, if they win, going to the league national championship.  She doesn't often get caught in the backfield.  And she doesn't go down easily.

Jackson penetrates the backfield and now just has to get
close to Satterwhite. 

Charmaine extending with power.  The next photo has Satterwhite on the turf.

The final photo of Maine is really a photo of the Houston blocker who is supposed to keep Jackson away from the ball carrier.  I just like the expression on her face.  Wonder if Maine is saying anything?  Or just putting on that serious face you saw at the top of this posting.
Houston Power player wondering if she is up to the job of blocking Maine Jackson.

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