Friday, July 6, 2012

The Post Season

Want to see some football?  There's a big game in Dallas tomorrow, Saturday July 7, as the Dallas Diamonds take on the Kansas City Tribe in a quarterfinal contest in the WFL (Women's Football League) playoffs. 

You may recall Dallas kind of dominated our division this season, defeating the Outlaws twice by a combined score of... well, we don't have to go there.  It wasn't pretty.  I observed some Diamonds' good sportsmanship following the game in Austin and that inspired a "nice people" theme I've used and will continue to use in this blog. 
Nice people - After the Diamonds won over the Outlaws, they
extended the traditional hand-shake line to go to the sidelines
and greet injured Outlaw Stephanie Marshall, and her young
friend. I decided then and there I like the Diamonds.

I'm pulling for the Diamonds to go all the way. 

The playoffs began June 23 with eight games played across the country on both coasts and north and south.  The Diamonds had a bye that day but another team we know and love, the Lone Star Mustangs, played and destroyed the Arkansas Wildcats 70-0. 

Action shot from Austin-Mustangs game.  Mustangs won both
games with Outlaws this season and are a good solid team.

On June 30 the four "bye" teams were in action as eight more games were played.  If you're not familiar with sports playoff protocol, it is common for the teams who finish the season with the best records to get a "bye" in the first round of playoff games - they don't have to play and automatically advance to the second round. 

In the June 30 second round the Mustangs faced the Diamonds with high hopes after their stunning 70-0 victory over Arkansas.  It was no contest.  The Diamonds won easily, 76-0. 

 Meanwhile the Kansas City Tribe, who also had a bye the first round, won their game with St. Louis 42-17.  Setting up Saturday's game, the Tribe vs Diamonds. 

The tribe finished their season undefeated and averaged 52 points per game.  The Diamonds averaged 74 points per game.  Dallas allowed opponents only 4 points per game while Kansas allowed 11. 

It is difficult to pick winners in these inter-divisional games because there is such a wide range of ability in teams.  Witness the Mustangs winning their first game 70-0 and losing the next 0-76.  The competition level isn't consistent and that makes early playoff games unpredictable.  However, based just on the little information reported here, I favor the Diamonds to win big over Kansas.

There are four quarter-final  games scheduled this weekend.  The four winners will go on to two semi-finals games next weekend.  Based on season records four of the best teams in the league remain standing - isn't that how it is supposed to happen? - and the games should be competitive and interesting.

The two winners of the semi-final games will play in the championship on August 4 at Heinz Field in Pittsburgh, home of the Pittsburgh Steelers.  The game will be televised on ESPN 3.  If you get to see the game, live or on TV, you can smile and say your Austin Outlaws were part of that.  And you can imagine what future seasons will be as our team of rookies gains experience and victories.  One day that could be Austin in the championship game.

You can read all about the post season at the WFA Website.

And you can visit the Dallas Diamonds at their website.  Or better still, try their Facebook page. 


Anonymous said...

Nice write up, Dennis. I agree that tomorrow will be exciting and I'll be routing for the Diamonds all the way to Pittsburg. Go Dallas!

Dennis said...

Thanks Chris.