Monday, July 30, 2012

Nice People - Fans

Yikes!  Last post was last Tuesday.  This blogger is getting lazy.  My goal is three posts per week but I'll settle for two in the off-season.  I've been working on profiles - interviewing interesting players so you can get to know them better than just a jersey number on the field.  Profiles take time.  

So between profile posts I should just do some fun but quick and easy posts.  Like featuring fans.  Today I browsed my fan photos from one game, the Houston game.  I wonder if the fans know about the blog?  I wonder if they ever realize I have made them Internet celebrities.  I wonder if they'd mind being in the blog if they did know?

If you know any of the fans in today's post, please give them the link.

So what do you think?  Is he sitting in seat #16?  or #18? 
Something about him gives me the sense he is a VIP.  Maybe
a corporate executive or something. 
Fan photos are interesting to me for a variety of reasons.  Some are just interesting individuals. 

I like the beard.  And the leather hat.  Somehow I imagine
him involved the the sea, maybe a retired ship captain.

Friends of a player?  Relatives of a player?  I
don't think they look old enough to be parents. 
There are lots of couples.  I wonder if they're wife and husband, dating, siblings.  What brings them to the Outlaws game?  Are they relatives of one of the players?  Serious football fans?  I'll never know.

I think they could be parents of one of the players.  They're
younger than I but still old enough to be parents.  I don't
have a clue about which player(s) they favor. 

Some fan photos make the blog because I just like the way
the fans look.  This couple appear to be nice people.  Don't
you think? 

I have a lot of fun shooting groups of fans.  Sometimes they see the camera pointing their way and pose...

I may have used another version of this photo in another post.  Hope you don't mind. 
Outlaws games are fun.  Fans have fun.  Fans add to the fun.  If you haven't been
attending the games, watch for next season's schedule and come on down.  These
are six witnesses to tell you it is a great way to spend a Saturday evening.

And sometimes they don't notice me because they're doing what fans are supposed to do, cheering for the team. 

I love catching fans in mid-cheer.  A couple observations for you to contemplate.  First, I never point
my camera at the fans when there is action on the field.  So these fans are cheering while nothing
is happening.  Well, at least no football play is happening.  I wonder if I'm missing something by
viewing the fans instead of the field.  A second profound observation is for anyone who
has tried photography.  When there are multiple subjects - in this case four young ladies - there
are multiple opportunities to get at least one with a pose out of sync with the rest.  Whenever
I shoot a group and all of them look great, I'm proud.  Or shocked that I got it right.

Or cheering for a specific player.  I suspect most of the fans cheer for a favorite player or two.  But I never know for certain which player.  Well, unless the fan is carrying a sign.  

Fans of Megan Riley, #19.

There are a few signs at Outlaws games.  Normally I can tell what the sign is about.  In the photo above, it is obvious the fans are cheering for Megan "Red" Riley, #19.  But some of the signs...

Now please understand, I'm older than you.  With age we tend to slow down a little.  And we get out of touch with the current generation. 

I'm about to admit ignorance.  I'm asking you to explain the sign to me.  Please be nice.  If the meaning is obvious, if you can't imagine anyone would have trouble figuring it out, just remember, I could be your father.  Your grandfather even. 

I don't understand this sign.  Can you explain it to me?

So what does it mean, this "What Time is it"?  I remember a television show that opened with that question and the answer was "Tool Time."  Somehow that doesn't fit the football game setting.  So I'm asking your help.  Please explain the sign to me. 


Malia Capers-Cristobal said...

Well, we had this saying before a game in the locker Bobbie would say "What time is it...?" we would answer "Time to go to work" and keep repeating it, getting us pumped up for the games. But another connotation could be that "Red" is also a bartender outside of football and maybe their sign has some kind of meaning for that?

Megan "Red" Riley said...

Yeah those are my crazy friends, I worked with them or they are relatives of coworkers. The answer to this sign is "shot time" lol. After the game, ladies, after the game ;)