Sunday, June 30, 2013

Tackling in the Arkansas Game; New Website

Too much material.  Maybe a couple hundred action and entertaining photos I want to share with you.  I keep wanting to organize them in some fashion and provide my commentary on what is happening.  But with lots of things going I'm not having enough time to do things the way I'd like. 

What am I doing that's taking so much time?  Learning basic website design.  Hey, do me a favor and check my website.

So I'm going to browse my photos and find shots I think you will like, especially if you're one of the players in the shots. 

Today's photos give a freeze-frame view of #36, Francesca Stabel and #23, Davida Morris, bringing down Arkansas running back #11, Raquel Williams.  Outlaws #1, Toni Fuller, participates in the play.

Not much blocking for Raquel Williams.  Don't mistake her
for Erica Williams, the 280 pound running back.  Raquel is a
mere 150 pounds.  Note the long camera lens compresses
distance.  Ski, #8, is farther from the runner than it appears.
The Outlaw with arms wide open offering a big hug to
Raquel is #36, Francesca Stabel.  I like that she is getting low.

Stabel has grabbed the runner around the middle,
while #23 Davida Morris gets the low position, shoulder
in belt buckle, arms around legs.

Stabel and Morris have runner in their grasp, while one of
my favorites,Toni Fuller joins the party.  Close behind and
ready to help if needed is Ski and some other Outlaws.
This play is going nowhere.

She's coming down.  I wonder if Davida Morris remembers
this play.  It appears the runner's knee is coming down on her. 
Did that hurt? 

This is just a close up of the runner, Ski, and Toni.  I like the way the camera gets
facial expressions even though I'm forty or fifty yards away when I take the shot.

The runner is on the ground.

Hey, do me a favor and check out my new website.  I keep talking about being busy and maybe not having enough time to spend on the blog.  One reason is I'm trying to learn to do website design and maybe supplement my retirement income while I'm at it.  Here's a link  to the first website I've designed myself:

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