Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Another Way

The last post featured my friend Ski Tejeda demonstrating one way to tackle a seriously large running back.  By getting low and hanging on.  Even if it means a 280 pound runner is going to land on top of you.  (I asked her about the play, did it hurt?  She said her original contact was higher, wrapping around the legs, but her helmet broke and she slid down, hanging onto a foot.  She doesn't recall feeling pain at being squashed but definitely the broken helmet hurt.)

Lucinda "CPR" "Precious"
Another of my favorite Outlaws is  eight-year veteran Lucinda "Precious" "CPR" Benitez, #21.  She plays the game the way I like it, hard hitting all-out full-speed.  She's not as big as Ski, weighing only 140 pounds, but she plays big.  Someday she'll be the subject of in my player profiles.  She's a fascinating person on the field and off.

Jennifer Taylor
Saturday CPR joined rookie Jennifer Taylor, #75, in taking down Little Rock's huge fullback, 280 pound Erica Williams.  I haven't met Jennifer but decided I liked her when she responded clowned around in front of my camera. 

Being a rookie, Jennifer can be excused for not doing things quite the way I would have coached her.  In this sequence of photos, you'll see she starts right but... well, let's just look at the pictures.

Outlaws #75 Jennifer Taylor has eluded her blocker and
has a clear shot at 280 pound Little Rock Fullback.  At just
215 pounds, Jennifer is going to have to overcome a
65 pound weight deficit.

The next photo is the same as the first but zooming in so you can see the faces of the players.  In a future post, I'll refer back to this one in explaining how the Outlaws can win against Dallas next Saturday.

I love the eyes, Jennifer's determination, the runner's surprise,
in the background Little Rock's blocker realizing her missed
block left the runner exposed, and Outlaws #99 Lakisha Jones
waiting for a huge collision.

In the next shot, you'll see Jennifer violating my "get low" advice.  Instead she gets high.  A big strong runner like Erica could just ignore Jennifer on her back, carry her piggyback down the field.  Unless CPR Benitez joins the battle.

Jennifer goes high.  Not the best strategy for taking down a runner.  But CPR arrives
and aims for the belt buckle.  The runner weighs twice what CPR does, literally,
280 pounds versus 140.  Does CPR look afraid?  Nope.

Jennifer pulls, CPR pushes.  CPR is so much smaller you can hardly see her but she's
there.  Her feet and arms are visible.

And the big full back goes down.  Notice her left foot off the ground.  This picture suggest
CPR is strong, strong enough to drive a 280 pound fullback into the air on the way
to the ground.  Can you see why I'm a CPR fan?  Note that Jennifer cleverly manages to
keep out from under the falling running back.  Smart.

There's CPR!  She came out on top.

In my next post I'm planning to talk about how the Outlaws can defeat the Dallas Diamonds.  This photo sequence gives a hint, in particular the second shot where Taylor has a clear shot at the fullback.

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