Tuesday, June 4, 2013

This is "Next Year"

Wait till next year. 

That’s the mantra of sports teams after a losing season.  It ranks right up there with “the check’s in the mail” as a hollow promise.

Not so hollow with our Outlaws. 

Last season was about as bad as a season can get.  The 2012 Outlaws were well over half rookies.  Record of 1 and 7.  Totally demoralizing?  Nope. 

They said “Wait ‘til next year.” 

And they meant it.

This past Saturday the Outlaws defeated Zydeco, a Louisiana team, 49-0.  They opened this season defeating Tulsa 50-10.  They whipped the Lonestar Mustangs twice, 28-14 and 39-0.  (Last season the Mustangs trounced the Outlaws.)  Saturday, June 8, we’ll play the Houston Power to determine the winner of both our games against them this season.  The first game, in Houston, was suspended because of weather with 8:36 left in the fourth quarter and Houston ahead 14-12.  Saturday we’ll finish that game and then play the full second game.  If the Outlaws win both, they’ll end the season 6-2 and will qualify for the playoffs. 

Do you realize the Outlaws have outscored opponents by 140 points! 

That is - If  you don’t count the Dallas Diamonds.  And you shouldn’t count the Diamonds.  They’re in a special elite class – scoring 388 points this season while allowing only 14 by opponents.  Unreal.  They’re in the top four Women's Football Alliance teams nationally. 

The Outlaws are a very good team. 
Shadana is back, averaging 15.5 yards per carry (!).
  This an older photo but gives you the idea -
the Outlaws are once again a very good team.  Just like the photo.

Rubi Reyna averaging 4.8 yards rushing this year.
On offense Shadana Hurd is leading the team in rushing and scoring, averaging 15.5 yards per carry.  Four other runners are averaging over 4 yards per carry, Charmeine Jackson (7.7), Rubi Reyna (4.8), Marq Avery (5,8), and Toni Fuller(6).  I use 4 yards per carry as a standard because it takes 10 yards in three plays to get a first down.  Average 4 yards per play, x 3 plays = 12 yards.  If you can make your 4-yard average on every series of downs, you’ll score a touchdown on every possession.

Charmeine Jackson averaging 7.7 yards rushing
this year.  This photo is an old one you've seen
before, shot while she was playing defense.
I really really love this picture.

On defense, we have three defenders with over twenty tackles and seven with ten or more.  Leading tacklers are Toni Fuller (28), rookie Francesca Stabel (22), and Lakisha Jones (22).  Rookie Jennifer Taylor has accounted for 3 sacks and four other Outlaws have 1 sack each, Jessica Baker, Bridgette Brown, Alexis White, and Marq Avery.  Sacks are good.  (If you’re on defense.)

Toni Fuller leading the Outlaws with 28 tackles this season.

Lakisha Jones is credited with 22 tackles this year.

Lakisha making a tackle.

It is fun browsing stats on the league website.  Here's the link if you’d like to give it a try.  This gets you to the league-wide stats.  If you click on any team, you’ll get the stats for that team. 

Come to the game Saturday.  The Outlaws are a very good team and you'll see some good football.  And  if you cheer and shout and support the Outlaws, you just may help them make the playoffs.

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