Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Why the Outlaws Will Win Saturday; The Outlaws' Secret Weapon

First a caution – Playoffs are always dicey.  The Outlaws will have to play and play their best on Saturday.  Everything I say below assumes they’ll  bring their A game, ready for a tough opponent. 
That said, I predict an Outlaws victory over the Little Rock Wildcats. My analysis of both teams tells me the Outlaws are the better team.  Plus, the Outlaws have a secret weapon.

The Outlaws' secret weapon is in this photo.
 First my three-point analysis.

1.      Performance against common opponents – Advantage Outlaws

The Outlaws have a 6-2 record, Wildcats 5-3.  The Outlaws two losses were to the Dallas Diamonds, one of the four best teams in the league.  The Wildcats didn’t play any team of that caliber. 

The Wildcats three losses were to the Mustangs (14-20), Tulsa (8-28), and  Zydeco (22-30).  The Outlaws beat all three, the Mustangs twice, 28-14 and 38-0; Tulsa 50-10; Zydeco 48-0.  In our four games against common opponents, the Outlaws outscored the opposition 164-24.
The Wildcats did win rematches against two of the teams that defeated them, beating Tulsa 28-16 and Zydeco 30-0.   In their five games against common opponents, they outscored the opposition 102-94 (only an 8 point advantage, compared with the Outlaws 140 point advantage against the same opponents.)  This tells me the Wildcats improved as the season progressed. 

They’re a better team coming to the playoffs than they were during the regular season.

Still, against common opponents, the advantage clearly goes to the Outlaws.

2.     Number of Players – Advantage Outlaws

The Wildcats’ roster has thirty players; the Outlaws forty-four.  In a tough game on a warm Austin evening, a strong bench can influence the outcome of the game.  The Outlaws’ fourteen player advantage could become a factor.

3.     Size of Players – Advantage Outlaws (I think)

You know I’m a big guy so I believe bigger is better.  If you weigh 240 and line up against a line- woman weighing 300, you’re at a definite disadvantage.  In line play, bulk is definitely an advantage.  The Wildcats have one player who weighs 300 pounds or more, the Outlaws have three.  However, the Wildcats do have six players weighing in at 250 pounds or more, the Outlaws have four.  Still, I'll take our three 300+ pounders as a significant advantage for the Outlaws.

The average weight of all Wildcat players is 187; the average of all Outlaws is 176.  But remember, in football big is an advantage in the line while quickness and speed are more important in the backfield and end positions.  The Outlaws weight distribution suggests a more balanced team.  Once again, my analysis says advantage to the Outlaws.

The Outlaws Secret Weapon

The Outlaws' secret weapon -
the water boy.
Waiting for the start of last Saturday’s game I sat on the Outlaws bench and visited with a handsome  young man who wore a Capers-Christobal jersey (honoring players Malia and Maile Capers-Christobal).  It happens the young man is the water boy. He joined the Outlaws this season.  We discussed the Outlaws amazing improvement in 2013 compared with our poor record in 2012.  Then we discussed the importance of maintaining hydration in high powered athletes.   We concluded that it wasn’t just coincidental that when my friend joined the team, the Outlaws started winning.  In fact, we concluded, the water boy is the reason for this winning season. 

The Outlaws’ secret weapon – a conscientious water boy.  (And a water girl, too, as I observed during game timeouts.)

Water boy administering hydration to star Maine
Jackson.  I'm confident she attributes some of her
success to his ministrations.
Actually, there were two young folks providing hydration Saturday.  Our water boy
should share some of the credit with the water girl, don't you think?
You can draw your own conclusions about this but I think the facts speak for themselves.

I should have asked his name, and hers.  Or did I?  And forgot.  This old blogger…

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Malia Capers-Cristobal said...

Hey Dennis, our most inspirational, most influential person on the Outlaw's sideline is Jacob Anthony Haney Blanco. We met him earlier in the season...He has traveled to Houston, Dallas and Lafayette with us. We heard word that he was a big Outlaw fan and wanted to include him in our season. Every game, he gives us pep talks and honest words of encouragement. He has really helped turn our team around! When we are all frustrated or upset on the sideline, he will come over and say... "you know what, we can do it....we WILL win!" His presence has really influenced the team and helped make us better players. His mother Lyanna shared a story of how much the Outlaws have impacted Jacob's life. I am tearing up about it now...I can say now that if this group of strong women can make a difference in one person's life....this was all worth it! We LOVE Jacob, he has been a beacon of hope for our team and we appreciate him! He is such a great person, you could probably get a whole piece to blog on him about. His sister Levi is adorable as well... he is very articulate as well...