Wednesday, July 3, 2013

QT Preston in Action; New Look for the Blog

New look to the blog.  Changed the banner photo to something more recent.  The new photo was shot at the 2013 playoff game, Outlaws vs Arkansas Wildcats.  What do you think?

I liked QT Preston, #55, before I met her, before I knew her name.  It was her smile!  At one of the tryouts I noticed how she smiled through it all, even the hard parts.  A nice smile, a beautiful smile;  suggesting a beautiful person behind that smile.

QT plays in the line, blocking, protecting the quarterback and running backs from defensive line-women with ill-intent.  Serious business.  Just ask the backs who rely on her blocks. 

QT does a pretty good job of it, as you'll see in the photos in today's post. 

Line play is a fight.  A test of strength. Every play a struggle to control a big strong opponent.  Somehow QT, with her delightful smile, doesn't seem a likely person to be getting engaged in violence on the football field.  But that's her number,  55, waging war against frustrated and annoyed defenders.

Elbow to the chin, slipping under the helmet face mask.
I don't think #74 is going to make the tackle on this play.
Note #74 has her right fist aimed at QT's jaw.

Rubi Reyna, quarterback, relies on QT to keep the Arkansas
defender at bay.  And QT is doing it. 


Note that QT's helmet isn't on quite right.  Note Arkansas #69 is attacking the helmet with both hands, shifting it from the proper position.  If she grabs the face mask, that's illegal, but
sometimes officials can't see what's happening in line play.

When I interview Outlaws I always ask how strong they are.  I don't get very clear answers because few measure how much they can lift.  But these ladies are physically strong.  Football is a battle of strength.  It is difficult to see just how strong our athletes are because opponents are strong, too.  When we see standoffs, we're seeing a lot of energy at work.

The roster lists QT at 6 feet tall and 240 pounds, so she is generally a match for opponents.
Once in a while the defender is bigger.  But I doubt many defenders are any stronger.
Maine Jackson, #22, relying on QT to contain one
big defender.  But there is trouble coming from the
left... (QT can't be everywhere.)

Every play, our offensive line takes on the defensive line, a battle of strength, skill,
quickness.  They protect the quarterback and  running backs.  This season the
Outlaws scored a lot of points, won a lot of games.  Apparently our offensive line
was effective protecting our backs so they could score.  They don't always get the credit they
deserve.  I'll keep trying to feature them in my blog so you'll be able to see just how good they are.

 When I see QT in these serious battles, I wonder: is she smiling? 

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