Tuesday, July 16, 2013

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The Major League Baseball All Star game is playing on TV.  I'm not a baseball fan.  Too much idle time.  I've been neglecting the blog, because I'm having fun doing websites. 

So I browsed my Outlaws photos and picked a few that I like.  No particular message here, just some photos I thought you might enjoy.  As always, I'll save the action shots for later in the blog so I can post them extra large. 

Kincheon staring down an Arkansas player.

This is the Outlaws Patricia Kincheon intimidating an Arkansas player in the playoff game.  I'd be intimidated, too, wouldn't you?

One of my favorite Outlaws is Cookie, Marisa Rivas, quarterback.  I profiled her in the blog awhile back, got to know her just a little, got to like her a lot.  She was injured in the final game of the regular season, broke a collar bone, I believe, and couldn't play in the playoff game.  But she could influence the outcome of the game.  I captured this fun series of three photos as Cookie coaches Toni Fuller, who would take some snaps at QB in replacement of Cookie.

Here's how you grab the ball from the center.
See Toni practicing the correct hand position.

Take the ball, two steps back...
Toni laughing.  Cookie demonstrating how to
pass the ball, but the ball isn't in her throwing
hand.  Is she demonstrating a trick play?  Or
just forgot...?
What happens when charismatic Outlaws retire?  They get recruited to generate excitement dressed as Annie Outlaw.  This is Megan McMillan Riley, a former Outlaw who won some attention in my blog working at the Texas Chili Parlor, a restaurant that recalled some memories for me.  Megan promised to buy me a glass of wine on my next visit to the parlor but then she moved on to...?  I don't know where she is now.  But I will find her and collect my Chardonnay.

Add caption
If I were good at blogging I'd have these two photos of Megan side by side.  But I haven't figured out how to tell Blogger (my blog host) what I want.  I like the two shots.  Megan is a natural for the Annie Outlaw role.


I try to shoot a lot of the Outlaws because I think they like seeing their photos in the blog.  Some of my random photos are hard to explain.  What can I say about some players just standing there waiting for something to happen? 

Just some players waiting for things to get started.

Now for a couple action photos.  Note that I'm displaying them as large as the blog host allows. 

A long time ago I did some photos for a local theater group,  I noticed something interesting.  In every scene, every actress/actor was acting.  Even those on the side or background, who weren't part of the main focus of the scene.  I've noticed something similar in many of my Outlaw's actions shots.  One player may have the football but other players are acting as if they have it.  In the play below, I Shadana doesn't have the ball, Toni does, but Shadana is pretending.  The idea is that if the defense thinks Shadana has the ball, they'll tackle he and Toni will romp to the end zone. 

This faking is common.  Watch any NFL game and you'll often see the player without the ball trying to decoy the defense.

But this photo adds some interest.  See Arkansas number fifty?  She is Erica, one of the Arkansas stars and she weighs 280 pounds.  By comparison, Shadan is one of  the Outlaws stars and weighs 140 - half of what Erica weighs.  It looks as thought Erica is going to tackle someone.  If Shadana is a good faker, she'll get buried under 280 pounds of Erica.  If she doesn't fool Erica, Toni, who also weighs 140, will be Erica's target. 

If you were Shadana, what would you do?  Let someone else win the Oscar?
Shadana leading Toni, pretending to have the ball so 250 pound Erica,  #50 will tackle her and let Toni
escape for a big gain.  I checked - both Shadana and Toni eluded the big Arkansas star.

Another of my favorite players is Rubi Reyna.  I think she's every body's favorite.  She's one of if not the smallest Outlaw but she has all kinds of fire on the field.  I'm posting this just because I like Rubi and I think it shows her looking good on the field.
Rubi Reyna handing the ball to Maine Jackson.

All Star game.  Someone just scored.  I think it was Cabrerra, a Detroit Tiger.  Did you know I'm a native Detroiter?  End of four, American league leads 1-0.

Did you know I'm becoming a website creator?  www.dstostad.com  


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