Friday, July 12, 2013

Tackle by Precious CPR; Update on the blog

First the update on the blog.  I love doing the blog and plan to continue as long as I have material and you drop in for a visit from time to time.  But I'm engaged in another fun activity, website creation.  Websites are easier to create now than when I first explored them a few years ago.  I've done one for myself and I'm working toward doing websites for money.  This has  been occupying my time and attention so much that I've almost forgotten about posting to the blog.  I think I can do both, websites and blog.  We'll see.  

Here's the link to my first ever website:

She doesn't look mean, does she.
I'm beginning to think I'll never have a face-to-face interview with Lucinda "CPR" "Precious" Benitez.  She lives south, I live north.  I don't travel much and she's busy busy busy. 

I'm sad about it, about not interviewing and featuring Lucinda.  She is one of the most interesting personalities on the team.  I know because I did have her do a pre-interview information form.  And I've been following her exploits on Facebook.  Sorta.  I think she's been utility poles for Time Warner?  I'll save player profile information until I get to interview her.  Right now I just want to show her in action, 

CPR is an outstanding player, an eight year veteran who is always hanging around where the football is, often hanging on to the opposition running back.  I have lots of shots of her in action but today I'm just featuring a single typical play.  With one cool bonus photo at the end.

Number 14 is in trouble.  CPR, number 21, is coming up fast.

You can just see CPR.  She has a hold on the runner.

Little better shot.  Runner looks bigger, looks like she may be
able to muscle her way free.  No way.

Grab the legs, always the best way to bring a runner down.

Jumble of players.  Key point - the runner is down.

Different game.  Another CPR tackle.   I asked her by email if she remembers this play.  Looks painful.  But got the job done. 

CPR on another tackle, another game.  Sometimes making the play
involves awkward body positions.  

I've been watching CPR for years.  I love her style of play, her hustle, her determination to get the runner down.  And her effectiveness.   Who knows, maybe someday she'll meet me over a Starbucks and we
can profile her for the blog.

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