Friday, May 4, 2012


Of all the players on all 63 teams in the WFA (Women's Football Alliance), who do you think has recovered the most fumbles?  Right.  Our own Tiffany "Crash" James.

Tiffany has recovered three fumbles in two games.  That is good.  That is the best in the league. 

How did I find that out?  I visited the WFA website and checked out the statistics section. 

In my last post I just looked at Outlaws' stats and noted Diedra Holland and Rubi Reyna were leading the Outlaws in a couple categories.  Today I started just looking at the stats for the league. 

And came up with at least one disturbing observation.

Of all 63 teams, which do you think is the leader in scoring?  The Dallas Diamonds.  Sound familiar?  They're in our division.  We'll be playing them twice this season.  They're gaining an average of 571  yards per game, 220 rushing and 351 passing. 

It is never a good idea to look beyond your next game.  But maybe the Outlaws want to take a little peek?  We'll be playing the Dallas Diamonds at home on May 12.  All that pass defense practice Bobbie put us through is going to be tested on May 12.

But before May 12 the Outlaws travel to Houston to play the Houston Power.  What do the statistics tell us about them?  Well, they are 1-1 on the season.  They lost to Dallas 8-54(!).  They've gained an average of 273 yards per game - compared with the Outlaws 116.  They look to be a good match for the Outlaws. If you can make it to Houston you should see a good game. 

Statistics are deceiving.  Especially after just two games.  It is clear Dallas is a great team.  They were great last season and I see a lot of familiar names on this year's rosters, suggesting a lot of veterans are back this season.

But let's talk a little more about the Outlaws. 

We have the league's leader in blocked kicks, Toni Fuller.  She has blocked two kicks in just two games and she is credited with an additional three tips.  Blocking kicks is good. 

I don't have photos of Toni on defense or special teams.  Last season she was a running back.  This season she is listed as both defensive back and running back. 

Toni leads the Outlaws with 18 tackles, followed by Charmaine Jackson with 17 and Ski Tejeda with 10, Tiffany James and Tanea Clay with 9 each.

Statistics can be interesting.  But I'm easily bored.  Starting to get bored looking at numbers instead of photos.  Time to end this post. 

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