Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Do You Believe in Miracles?

The 1980 Winter Olympics, Ice Hockey, USA versus the Russians.  In those days the United States sent amateur athletes to the Olympics while other countries sent their very best, their professionals.  The Russians were a team of professionals, the Americans not.  It was like pitting the Stanley Cup champions against a college hockey all-star team. The USA amateurs didn't have a chance.  The Russians were prohibitive favorites.

I watched the game on television.  The most exciting sports event I've ever seen.  When it ended with the US on top, the announcer screamed into the mike, "Do you believe in miracles?  Yes!" 

I love this photo.  Would love it more if it was the Outlaws.
What a great play when the runner has blockers opening
a path for a big gain.  Runner is Tiffany Hill and you'll
see plenty of her Saturday.
Folks, come to the Outlaws game Saturday and cheer for a miracle.  It will take a miracle for the Outlaws to defeat the Dallas Diamonds. 

Dallas is the prohibitive favorite.  They lead the WFA (Women's Football Alliance) in scoring with 243 points scored over the first three games - averaging 81 points per game.  They've allowed only 8 total points by three opponents.  They won their last game against Arkansas 99-0.  They beat the Houston Power 54-8; and the Power defeated the Outlaws 28-0.

I believe the Dallas runner is #24, Alberta Brydson.
She can be stopped but it isn't easy.  This was a
successful tackle by #27, Stevie Ammerman.
Dallas has a balanced attack, with a strong running game and efficient passing game.  And they have lots of veterans on their team.  And they were good last year. 

Dallas receiver gets open and quarterback hits her for
the touchdown.  Dallas has an excellent passing attack.

By contrast, the Outlaws are more than half rookies.  By my count, we have 17 veterans and 20 rookies.  We have plenty of spirit and talent.  You know that if you've seen my blog posts with photos from 2012 season tryouts and practices.  A lot of heart. 

But most of the Outlaws have (now) only three games of experience.  Practice can't adequately prepare you for real on-the-field competition.  You can grab passes all day on an open practice field; it just isn't the same as trying to get open with 21 other players running around.  You can drill on blocking in the lane between tackling dummies but it isn't the same as lining up nose-to-nose with a stranger in a different colored uniform. 

The Outlaw's record is 1-2.  They've scored one touchdown in three games.  Not one in each game; one touchdown on the season. 

Okay, Dennis, is there any good news here? 

Well, the Outlaws played the Diamonds in their last game last season.  Although we lost, we were competitive. 

Marisa "Cookie" Rivas playing quarterback escapes the Dallas defense and gets
the pass off for a completion and big gain. 

I checked my photos from that game.  One showed Marisa "Cookie" Rivas  fighting off a ferocious Dallas pass rush to complete a pass for a good gain.  It was a tough game but our talented quarterback wasn't intimidated.

And I had several shots of Toni Fuller eluding the Dallas defense for big gains. 

Toni Fuller outruns a bunch of Dallas tacklers for a big gain in the last game last season.

It was a loss but the Outlaws held their own against a really good opponent.  They can do it again.  They are inexperienced but now have three games of experience.  They have an idea of what to expect. 

And it will be a home game - let's get lots of fan support out there!  LOUD.

If they play the way they practiced, the Outlaws can slow down that Dallas machine.

In fact, we could even win.  I believe in miracles.  I was there in 1980 when the USA knocked off the Russians.  And I'll be there Saturday.  To see yet another miracle in sports.

Go Outlaws! 

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