Monday, May 14, 2012

Nice People

It was alumnae day.  I don't know everyone's name in
this photo so I won't list the ones I do know.  I will just
observe these are nice people. 
There are lots of really nice people associated with the Outlaws.  Players, fans, volunteers.  Even opponents.   

This post is inspired by something the Dallas Diamonds did at the end of the game Saturday.  It showed  they're not only talented, they're really nice people.  I'll report on that at the bottom of this post. 

This got me thinking about the nice people I've met since I've been shooting Outlaws with my camera.   I'm not certain exactly how but I'm going to introduce a "Nice People" theme with this blog featuring photos of some of the nice folks who are part of the Outlaws story.   At first I thought I would devote one post to the topic but I quickly realized I have far too many nice-people photos for just one post.  So I'm going to make this a theme, kind of like the "Random Fan Photo" thing I did in the early months of the blog. 

Today's posting is just a beginning.  Today I'm posting a few shots of fans,  volunteers, and former players.  And of course opponents, the Dallas Diamonds who so impressed me at the conclusion of Saturday's game. 

I'll start with few fan photos.  Sadly I don't know names.  If you'd like to give me names I can always edit them into the blog posting.  But these are photos of people who just strike me as nice folks.

Showing her Outlaws shirt is a fan who used to be part of the
tie-dye club, a group who wore tie-dye shirts at every game in support
of KJ Scheib.  KJ is here, I just somehow managed to leave
her out of the photo.  I'll make up for it one of these days.
I don't know the names but the wife and husband have been
to just about every Outlaw game.  Someday maybe I'll get
and interview and tell you more about them.

I don't know names, never met him or his daughter.
But I love family shots like this.  I think daughter and
dad photos fit my nice-people category.

They don't know me but quickly respond when I point my
camera their way.  I get a good feeling when people respond
with a smile when I, a stranger, aim my camera at them.
Nice people. 

That's a Nikon camera she has in her hand.  When she saw me ready to take her picture
she decided turn-about is fair play and we each got a picture of someone taking
our picture.  Only my picture of her gets published in a blog.
Of course I use a Nikon camera, too.  We Nikon people are all very nice.

This is MaryLou Spence.  One day I'll
do a posting just featuring her.  I
take photos at some Outlaws games.
MaryLou takes photos at all the games.
And at fund raisers and other events.

As I'm picking photos to publish I'm thinking I should do a featured fan series, or maybe featured nice-person series.  MaryLou Spence, for example, is the team photographer.  She attends every game, including the road games, and publishes hundreds of Outlaws photos.  She has been doing some interesting things in her spare time - seems to me she took part in a bicycle marathon?  I'll have to interview her and give you her story.

Now for the  classy thing the Dallas Diamonds did, that inspired the "Nice People" theme for this post.  At the end of every game it is a tradition for the teams shake hands.  Each team forms a line that files past the other team line in single file.  Players shake hands and offer some friendly comment as the pass opponents. 

It is a cool display of sportsmanship. 

Saturday one of the Outlaws, #31 Stephanie Marshall, was sidelined with a leg injury.  She watched the game from the bench with her leg elevated (on a trash can!).  The Dallas team, seeing Marshall's situation, kept their greeting line going.  All the way  to the sideline where Stephanie was sitting.  They came and gave her the same friendly greeting they had just extended to the Outlaws on the field.  

The Dallas Diamonds extending the post-game greeting line to include injured Outlaw
Stephanie Marshall, sidelined with damage to her leg.

The Diamonds even extended the greeting to include a young Outlaw fan.  The little girl
with the striped shirt sitting next to Marshall - I'm going to have to find out her name. 

I don't recall ever seeing anything quite like this.  I decided the Dallas team is not only extremely talented, they're good people, too. 

But I still want to whip 'em when we travel to Dallas June 9. 

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