Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day

I haven't been posting over this Memorial Day weekend because most Outlaw fans are busy with other things than my little blog.

Being retired, I get to spend lots of time doing whatever is most interesting.  I'm a news junkie, watching cable news shows and listening to talk radio for hours every day.  I've become a libertarian in my political views - if you're an adult and what you want to do doesn't harm me or my family, then it is none of my business.

I'm alarmed at the way government is eroding our liberty, expanding control over our lives.  At best, it is annoying and inconvenient.  At worst... worst it costs lives. 

We send young volunteers to far away places where their lives are at risk.  We, or our elected leaders, establish rules of engagement, making certain our soldiers, the good guys, play fair even if the enemies don't.  Career politicians in fancy offices with great security send our military into hostile territory.  And many return maimed.  Or don't return at all.

It isn't just on Memorial Day that I think about this.  But moreso today. 

Life is precious.  Sometimes a cause is big enough that prevailing is more important that life itself.  I think of Pearl Harbor.  I think of 9-11.  Events where a vigorous response was warranted, where the cause  great enough to justify putting lives at risk.

Which events are that important?  I wonder about Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq - are they worth the price?  Iran - are we doing enough?  I don't know. 

Some families are losing sons, daughters, fathers, mothers... because of decisions made inside the beltway, where the motives are suspect, where getting reelected is more important than soundness of policy.  Decisions about which causes are worth putting young lives at risk.

On Memorial Day I'm reminded of just how ugly it all is. 

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