Friday, May 18, 2012

Nice People - Former Outlaws

Last Saturday was alumnae day at the Outlaws game.  A couple of my favorite alums were there, Laura Eddy and Mary Nguyen.  I had profiled both of them for the Outlaws website.  At that time Laura was the biggest Outlaw and Mary the smallest so I made certain to include photos of the two of them together.  They were good sports and did  some silly poses for me. 

At my request Mary and Laura agreed to clown around a little
to emphasize the biggest/smallest player theme.

Laura Eddy and Mary Nguyen
Both are high on my list of nice people.  They sat together at the game and I managed to get a photo of them I really like.  What is remarkable is Laura's weight loss.  Since leaving the Outlaws she has been doing things I need to do - watching her diet and working out - and she is substantially smaller than when she played.  And she's really looking good.

Another former Outlaw and one of my favorite people is KJ Scheib.  There's a profile of her somewhere in this blog - check the profile label to find it.  KJ was the first Outlaw I profiled on the website.  She was a student of the game and worked harder than just about anyone at building strength and learning the skills.  She has a masters degree and made our interview interesting with profound insights into football and life. 

At the game she was seated with a couple other folks - one is a long time Outlaws fan who has shown up in this blog several times.  I don't know the other.  But I love the candid photo.  KJ's expression tells me she has just used her I-Phone to prove a point.  Reminds me of our interview...

KJ Scheib in the center. 

Lorin Smith
Lorin Smith was at the game. She's one of the original Outlaws. I've profiled her in this blog. Just check the "Labels" section to read her story. It appears she was put to work for the team. Not sure why extra chairs were needed

Another former Outlaw came not to spectate but to participate.  You maybe didn't even recognize her.  Alex Allen is the new Annie Outlaw.  I love her enthusiasm and energy and I'm posting several photos of her in costume. 

Alex Allen as Annie the Outlaw

Annie/Alex heading out on the field for the half-time Pinata party.

Handing out bags so the youngsters will have a way to carry away
the goodies that fall from the pinata.  I didn't stay to photograph
the pinata demise.  Sorry.

A part of Annie's responsibility is to engage the younger members of the Outlaws audience.  At half time she hosts a pinata party.  In a future post we'll feature more kid photos.

Outlaw players and fans are some of the nicest people I know. 

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