Monday, April 9, 2012


Saturday, April 14,  is the first game of the season.  I'll be there.  And it is nearby.  At Round Rock High School's Dragon Stadium on Hwy 620 a mile or two west of IH-35.

Sorry this blog has been neglected the past week.   I was going to say I went to a car show, which I did.  But that was nearly two weeks ago.  Austin Mobility Solutions is an amazing business at Pflugerville.  They sell and service vans for the disabled.  I got to know them when I needed to transport my wife's step-dad who in a wheelchair. 

Two weeks ago they held an open house and also hosted a car show.  I shot lots of photos.  This was my first attempt at shooting cars.  I'd say I didn't do a very good job. 

When I first started  photographing and interviewing Outlaws, I asked "Why?"  Why would women play football? 

When I was photographing some of the cars at the car show, I found myself asking "Why?"  Why would anyone do that to a car?  The cars were cool.  

I've been working on another project for my friends at Austin Mobility Solutions.  I'm learning that I do much better shooting action sports.  Like at the Outlaws practice on Saturday, March 31. 

With opening day a week away the players are having to get serious.  The March 31 practice was the week after the Waco scrimmage.  I'm probably seeing something not really there but I have to believe player's view of the practice had to change just a little after testing skills on a field with an opponent.
The receiver above is focused.  Concentrating.  I wonder if she is imagining real-game conditions.  Someone in a different colored uniform is going to try to get between me and the ball, and going to try to knock the ball loose if I do catch it.  But the one on the left is smiling.  This is fun!  Serious fun.  Doesn't that describe football?

I don't know why people do all those amazing things to their cars.  I do have a pretty good idea of why people, even women, play football.  Serious fun.

Serious fun. I'm looking forward to some serious fun next Saturday. 


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