Monday, April 16, 2012

Anticipation; Win; MaryLou Spence

Lily smiling as she heads to the
field, anticipating a great game.
There was excitement in the air at Round Rock's Dragon Stadium Saturday.  Everyone was smiling, focused, dancing. 

Something special is going on with the Outlaws this season.  Something I wouldn't have predicted.  This is a team of rookies.  I would guess 75% of the players are new.  Pre-game jitters are to be expected.  But there was a wonderful team spirit.  Lily Messina somehow manages to create that in her teams, a positive spirit of family. 

There was dancing...
And more dancing (he was good!).

Megan Riley hanging signs in the
stands.  Couldn't play today because
of a damaged knee.
Not all song and dance.  But the song was loud as the guy in the booth tested the sound system at full bore.  Some serious stuff was going on.  As taping signs in front of the grand stand to inspire the crowd.
Or scouting the other team.  I think this is the first time we've played this Tulsa Threat team.  Former coach and still a part of the Outlaws, Narlen Baker,  spent some time studying the opponents in their fancy green socks and matching uniforms. 

Coach Narlen Baker checking out the opponent.

The Outlaws sported fancy new uniforms for this season.  Unfortunately I didn't see them.  I had something come up (happens to me a lot lately) and I had to leave before the game started.  Hopefully I'll get some shots at the next game - May 12?! 

Or maybe you know MaryLou Spence.  If so, visit her Facebook page. 

MaryLou planning her pre-game photos.
MaryLou has been a big supporter of the Outlaws for several years.  She comes with her camera back strapped to her back and she shoots hundreds of photos.  I'm always competing with her (she doesn't know it) and always a little frustrated because she gets better shots than I do. 

MaryLou Spence getting in the middle of things for some great photos.

One of the best photos of the day Saturday is one I didn't get.  Of MaryLou.  She was out on the field - I did get a picture of that - during pre-game warm-ups.  The great shot of her as a dedicated photographer had her laying down on turf and shooting up at players going through pre-game drills.  That's dedication. 

MaryLou is a part of the team in a way I'll never be.  I hang out at the fringe, shoot from a distance with my 300mm lens.  MaryLou is one of the Outlaws.  MaryLou is part of the enthusiasm, the excitement, the family. 

Someone - I wonder if it was she - brought cookies to the game.  They were decorated to resemble the Outlaws new uniforms, at least one cookie for each player and coach with the player's number. 

If MaryLou didn't bring the cookies recorded them photographically and posted many of the photos on Facebook.  Her pre- and post-game photos capture the spirit of the team.  If you know MaryLou ask her to share her photos.  We could post some her if she doesn't mind, or put a link here. 

Does all that rah rah team spirit stuff help win games?  I've always been skeptical.  I'm not that emotional and I'm suspicious of public display.  But seeing the Outlaws spirit in MaryLou's photos - I've become a believer. 

This could be a great season in Austin. 

Oh, I forgot to mention - the Outlaws won 7-6.

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Anonymous said...

The cookies were from one of our sponsors, Iced Sweets. Some of the girls chose to keep theirs as momentos and not eat them. I, of course, ate mine as soon as I could get my hands on them after the game! :) They were well worth the wait - delicious!! - Lily