Monday, April 2, 2012

Bruises; Practice, yawn; We're ready;

The scrimmage at Waco was a week ago and some of the Outlaws are still feeling the pain.  Football is a collision sport and causes bruises and sprains.  At practice Saturday (March 31) the training table was busy as the team doctor worked on miscellaneous pains and strains. 

The Waco scrimmage was the first full contact play for many of the Outlaws.  There are lots of rookies this season.  One rookie observed that she was surprised at how intense the play really is.  The Outlaws scrimmaged an experienced Dallas Diamonds team, lots of our rookies against lots of their veterans.  It was eye-opening.  You just can't get the "feel" of the game in practices.

Not the fanciest socks but interesting. 
I'm finding practice boring.  I can hardly wait for the big first game, April 14 at the Round Rock High School Dragon Stadium.  There's not enough action for me at practice.  I find myself looking for any subject worthy of my camera. 

Diedra Holland with matching  socks and shoe
  In pink.  The socks have little pink piggies.  I
wonder if she has other socks/shoes
ensembles at home. 
And find myself going back to my favorite but overdone subject, socks.  Sorry.  And only three sets of socks deserved featuring in my blog.  The socks thing started a long time ago with Tiffany, who wasn't dressed for practice today (she was one of the training table subjects).  I can't tell whether other players are wearing fancy socks to show up Tiffany or just because that's the way they always dress. 

Doesn't matter.  I got three socks photos at practice Saturday. 

The other socks shots were static.  This is an action photo.  Hope
you're impressed that I can get a clear shot of socks in motion.
The player is running to receive a ball.  I'll post the full
photo sometime later.
Then I moved on looking for action.   Actually one of the socks pics included some action.  In a future post I'll publish the full picture of this blue-socks player running and catching a football.

But really, the action at practice has been, well, not that active.  Now the players have been feeling the action.  They're running around and working up a sweat and getting ready for the season.  But the team hasn't been scrimmaging with each other.  The hitting hasn't been serious.  

So I found myself just getting close-ups.  And as I've edited the photos I came up with a theme:  "We're ready."  As you check out these photos do you see what I see?  A sense of preparedness.  We've been practicing.  We've worked out under simulated game conditions.  We're in shape.  We know what to do.  Now bring on those Tulsa Eagles.

Practice has been boring for me but the players are working out, running drills, working up a sweat.
This is QT.  I've learned she has played Lacrosse.  I'll have to interview her for this blog and
learn more.  I don't understand Lacrosse.  How does it compare with football?

I like catching a serious expression.  Don't know her name.

Taking a break in practice to rehydrate.  I'm bored but
the players aren't.  But they're ready for the season to begin.

This is Cookie, one of the Quarterbacks.  She looks
ready for the season to begin. 

Should know her name by now but I don't.  As I
said in a prior post I'm kinda shy and try to stay out
of the way and don't annoy the players with a bunch
of silly questions like "What's your name?'

I think her name is Ruby.  She is a quarterback.  I couldn't find her on last season's roster
so I guess she's a rookie.  One of  these days I'll resume my player profiles and I'll profile
her along with QT and Cookie and whichever other players can make time to meet me
for an interview.

The Outlaws will be playing their games north this season, the first at Round Rock High School, the next three at a great sports stadium on Parmer Lane in Round Rock.  Four home games - mark your calendar:  April 14, May 12, May 19, and June 16.  There are away games at Dallas and Houston, an easy drive from Austin.  The team is ready.  I'm ready.   

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