Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Practice - Passing

What do they do at practice?  You're about to find out. 

I love doing photography at practice because I can stand wherever I want to get the best angle for the shot.  In games, I have to stay on the sidelines.  In practice, I stand where I want.  And in practice I know where the action will be because I listen in as the coach explains the drill, unlike in games where I don't know until it happens.

My most recent posts were about fighting in football.  Unfortunately, they don't practice fighting. 

The posts before that were about passing the ball.  In those posts I opined that women's football doesn't have much passing because it takes more practice than girls/women get to do. 

Well maybe someone on the Outlaws is reading my blog.  Saturday there was a lot of practice throwing and catching and defending.   

You'll be happy to know I've bought a new 300mm Nikkor zoom lens.  For photography, Saturday was a perfect storm.  New lens, lots of sunshine, lots of passes so I get lots of shots,  everyone running a similar route so I knew where to stand to get the photos. 

Today I'll post a few of my favorite shots from Saturday.  Hope you enjoy them as much as I did.

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