Saturday, January 14, 2012

The Book

The book is published.  Looks really good!

I don't know if anyone would pay for the book when the blog is free.  Consider this a market test. 

Blogger, host of this blog, offered a blog-to-book service.  I accepted.  Then published the resulting book through is a Print-on-Demand (POD) publisher.  They print only when someone orders a copy of the book. 

The benefit of POD is it permits publication of books where there is a limited market.  Mass publishers expect to sell thousands of copies of their books; PODs may sell under a hundred. 

The downside of POD is the cost per book - our book is close to $60 - and that's with an author's discount.

But it is cool!   Full color, hundreds of photos.  Size 8 1/2 x 11, slick cover and high quality paper.  It is a compilation of selected posts from this blog.  I omitted non-football posts and the "Random Fan Photo" posts.  I had to do some editing to make the content fit the book format.  But it is very close to what you've seen in the blog.

Another benefit of POD is it costs nothing for initial production.  I haven't had to invest money in this project so if nobody buys, I'm not out any cash.  There was a lot of work involved but that was a labor of love.

It is published in paperback (as pictured here) and PDF format.  The PDF is a form of eBook but does not support Kindle or certain other eBook devices.  The PDF is intended for display on your computer using Adobe's digital edition (available for free download at the book publisher).  If there's a lot of interest, I'll learn to do the total ebook thing. 

You can see the listings at  Just search the site for "Austin Outlaws."

Or here are links directly to the listings:  Paperback Edition,   or PDF version.

If you see me at any Outlaws events I'll have a copy of the book with me for show.

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