Sunday, January 22, 2012

Cold Weather Game?

It was 32 degrees at kickoff in today's New England- Baltmore AFC championship game.  That's cold.  You wouldn't know it by looking at the players.   Playing with the same level of skill as on any other day.  Not bundled up - most bare-armed.

Football is a cold weather sport. But Texas is not a cold weather state. At the Outlaws' Saturday practice the temp was in the 40's. Cold. Just for fun, today we'll post some photos showing how the Outlaws dress for cold.

Where are her legs? 

She is tough!  The only sign she's feeling the
cold is a furrowed brow. 
Patriots beat Ravens on a missed field goal with 15 seconds left on the clock.  Good I don't bet on football.  I would have been right; the Pats won.  But I thought they'd win by 14 or better.  I knew Ravens have a good D but I think Brady is a magician.  Didn't think they'd be able to contain him.

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