Monday, November 7, 2011


This has become a photo blog. 

Not sure who this is.  Can't make out her number.
This was shot a Waco scrimmage a couple years
ago - that's why you can see a spectator so close
to the action on the field.  Everyting informal.
One day soon we'll get back to being more traditional.  It was intended to talk about the sport of women's professional football, to profile some players, to have a little fun with my humor.  And to throw in some photos to support the narrative.   But the narrative is lagging - I just haven't had time to interview players at Starbucks to get the story behind the pictures (we retirees are busy busy busy!).

Today and on at least a couple more posts I'm featuring photos of runners.  In the next post it will be runners in trouble but today it is just runners running.  If I know the runner's name, I'll include it.  For those not named, please help me out.  Tell me who that is and I'll edit in her name for posterity.  And for search engines.

These are photos I selected because I like them.  Hope you like them, too.

I believe this is Fuller.  Lots of shots of her from the last
game of the 2011 season.  She's good!

Fuller again.  This is the first of two.  No doubt she is
 going to elude all those would-be tacklers. 

See, I told you so.  There she goes.  She does get
caught a little further up the field but only after a solid gain,

I believe this is Ammerman.  Sometimes running is like slogging through mud.  Well, slogging through a
pile of players.  I like this photo because her legs are churning.  She isn't going to
stop, they're going to have to stop her.


Fuller again.  She was busy. 
Being a runner can be hazardous.  Look at all those white-shirts just determined to
bring her down.  But speed trumps determination.  She's getting away.

This was taken at a scrimmage at Waco a couple years ago.  I think the runner is really
a quarterback - Fiedler.  It is legal for quarterbacks to run once in awhile.  Ask
Tim Tebow.

The runner's goal is to get away from the crowd.  Sometimes that takes extra strength, as when
someone has a hold on your jersey.  I believe this is Lyons - Outlaws talented kicker.

Runners best friends are blockers.  Monica is opening the way for this runner (I really need to get to
know the current players' names!).  The runner is quick and tightropes along the sideline for
a substantial gain.  Fuller again. 

This from the Dallas game a couple years ago.

 How do you get to be a great runner?  Practice.

Well, I doubt it.  I think runners are born, not made.  As evidence, I couldn't be a runner no matter how much I practiced.  I'm not built for speed. 

You may have noticed the absence of photos of Shadana Hurd.  That isn't a mistake.  I'm planning a separate posting (or two or three) featuring that outstanding Outlaw runner. 

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