Friday, November 4, 2011

Faces of Football (more)

This is Marisa Rivas shot during a practice a couple years ago.
She has played defense and more recently Quarterback.  We'll
do a player profile on her as soon as I can make enough time to
meet her for an interview. 
Up close and personal - that's a tag  some television show used to introduce celebrity profiles.  A few years ago we included a "Featured Player" section on the Austin Outlaws website, thinking fans would appreciate the games more if they met the players up close and personal.  I've included a few of those profiles in this blog and expect to do more in the future.

But this has become a photo blog.  Photos can be up close and personal. In a couple previous postings we featured close up photos of players.  Here are some more.  Most are candid shots.  Some taken during the game or practice with a little perspiration from the exertion of football.  Some catch intriguing facial expressions, more intriguing because they're presented here without context - can you tell from the expression whether we're winning or losing?  Others just because I liked them.

I've had fun culling these photos from my galleries.  I hope you enjoy them, too.

This is Malie Capers Cristobal, one of two Outlaws from Hawaii.
I'm fascinated by the ink on her face.  Must have some special
meaning.  Sister Malia has a similar design tattooed on her
shoulder.  One of these days we'll profile the sisters - and
we'll include explaining the meaning behind the facial art.

This is Patricia Kincheon, a defensive linewoman.  I just liked
this photo.   Why is her hand in the air?  See next photo.

The previous photo of Patricia was taken from this larger view.  It is pre-game introduction time.  Patricia has
just been named by the public address announcer.

Ski Tejeda is always one of my favorite
Outlaws because of her blue-collar
aggressive style of play.  I like this
shot just because of the facial expression.

Lorin Smith - I think this is right after
pre-game warm up.  You'd think all that
"warming up" would make one too
tired to play the game.

Yet another favorite of mine (I have lots of favorites), this is
Veronica Vero Narvaez.  I'm interested in her expression, a little
contrast compared to background players.  
She's a fierce blocker with a remarkable story.  I have featured
her in this blog - check the "Profiles" label
at the upper right side of the blog.

This is Precious CPR Benitez, a hustling defensive back.  She's a
fascinating woman full of life and energy.  An intriguing person.  I asked her
for an interview so I could profile her and she said sure.  Now it
is just up to me to meet her over coffee.

Shadana Hurd, the outstanding Outlaws running back.  I love the low
camera angle because it portrays her as I see her, bigger than life.
I'm going to update her profile from what we published on the
website a few years ago.  Just have to meet her for another interview.

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