Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Runners, part 2 - In Trouble

Shadana running free, scoring another TD.
The runners get all the glory.  The runner's names are called by the public address guy.  My first impression of the Outlaws was hearing announcers mispronounce Monica's name.  How do you say Gauck.

I have dozens of shots of Shadana running free to the end zone while opponents give futile pursuit.  Shadana is easier to say than Gauck.  Announcers get lots of practice calling her name.

Runners get the glory.  I was a lineman.  Too big, too slow to be a runner. 

I wish I could be a running back.

Be careful what you wish for. 

Runners get hit.. Hard.  Sometimes with elbows.  Ouch.
There's more to running than scoring touchdowns. 

That ball in your hands is like a magnet attracting tacklers.  That ball gives opponents a license to hit you.  Hard. 

There are downsides to being a runner.  First, sometimes you get caught - it is hard to run with linemen  hanging on to your legs.  Second, you get grounded.  The ground is hard.

The dark side to all that glory. This and the next posting feature the dark side.  Getting caught.  Getting taken to the ground.

This posting features runners getting caught.  The next will feature runners getting grounded.  (Be careful what yo wish for.)

It is difficult to run with someone hanging on to your leg.

Difficult to run with tacklers ganging up on you.

 Hang on to that ball!  Where are the blockers?  Three against one.  Not fair.

"In the grasp" is a common phrase in football telecasts.  With two
tacklers wrapping their arms around you you are in the grasp. You're
not going anywhere.

More in the grasp.

 This is how tacking should be done.  Get low.  Wrap arms around
runner's legs.  Shoulder to he belt buckle.  No free run to the
end zone for this runner.  

Runners tend to be smaller than everyone else.  That's nature's way of creating speed. 
Less wind resistance. 
Good.  Except not so good when in the grasp of three or four tacklers.  Big and bigger.
If you wish you were a runner this photo might just give you pause to rethink that ambition.

This series on runners was intended to feature Outlaw running backs, to add just a little more glory
to these ladies who get their names called by the game announcer.  But I decided to include at least
one shot of Outlaw defenders bringing down an opposition runner.  I can't make out the number
of the Outlaw on the left but that's Soho on the ground and Bridgette Brown closing in. 
Sure tacklers.  Glad they're on our team.

I played in the line, sometimes defense, sometimes offense.  My name was called by the public address announcer only once - and that was when our linebacker Denny Manchester was wearing my jersey and the announcer thought I was making those tackles.  There's not much glory for the big guys.  That's why many of my posts will feature the big ladies of football.  The ones who don't get recognition during the games. 

The recognition given the running backs is... well, earned.  Viewing game photos makes clear that runners have a tough job.  Sometimes they get caught.  As the photos above demonstrate.  Running is difficult with people hanging on to you.

Sometimes they get taken down.  As the photos in my next posting will show. 

Caution about that next posting:  The images may be disturbing to some audiences. Viewer discretion is advised.

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