Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Player Profile - Monica Gauck, #7 (Part 2)

At practice few years ago, a full week after a win at Dallas, the players were still all abuzz about Monica's game-winning touchdown.  I pointed my digital recorder at Monica and asked her about it.  She relived the play, the excitement almost as though we were there in Dallas.  "...following two blockers to the left saw the sideline and certain amount of Dallas jerseys and looked right saw open space changed direction everything slow motion didn't hear the buzzer didn't hear anything saw the goal line crossed it exhausted physically emotionally..."

Later when I interviewed Monica for this profile I asked what was the highlight of her Outlaws experience and I assumed it would be that score.  Nope.  She said her highlight was "After-game celebrations. All of them."  

Dozens of Outlaws have said being an Outlaw is like being part of a family.  The camaraderie, the caring for each other, the sense of belonging - made this team special.  Sharing the happiness of victory, the disappointment of loss.  This spirit has played a huge role in the success of the Outlaws as they have stayed together for now eleven years.

And Monica is a big reason for the spirit.  In another interview she talked about winning a championship game and the "...feeling we have.  Not just me alone.  It isn't so much fun for me alone but fun when there are twenty some people sharing the victory."

Running Back
Monica's dedication to the team is apparent in her willingness to do whatever the coach asks.  She has played running back, quarterback, defensive back.  She has been the holder for place kicks.  She has passed the ball.  She has caught passes (not her own, though - there are limits.)

Defensive Back  

Holder on Place Kicks


Pass Receiver
Saturday's game (June 18, 2011) the temperature was 105 at game time.   Monica played both offense and defense.  That's a testament to her skill and also to her physical conditioning. Her energy. Monica says her hobbies are "anything outdoors" especially near water.  She was a competitive water skier in college.  Like the cartoon character Road Runner, for Monica, running is her idea of having fun.  Long distance running.  She has lifted weights.  She owned her own landscape company, loves climbing trees and clearing land.

She owns dogs, a horse, a boat. She has just moved into a new home, one suitable for her horse and dogs. 

And she plays football.

When the Outlaws were in crisis mode about eight years ago, Monica joined Lily in putting up personal resources to get the team admitted to the NWFA.  Of that time, Monica says "I was the positive attitude person - we can do it!"  She credits Lily with having the managerial skill to make the team succeed.  Lily "wants everybody to be happy but she's willing do the tough love bit."  Lily will say what it takes, even if it means making someone unhappy.  Monica says she and Lily make a good team, complimentary of each other. 

Lily and Monica are best friends.  And have been for as long as I've followed the team.  Both are responsible for the Outlaw's success, Lily as skilled and effective manager who has and projects a sincere commitment to the good of the players; Monica as an inspiration through her play and her wanting everybody happy. 

Lily plays in the offensive line and hears her name on the public address system only during pre-game introductions.  Monica benefits by Lily's blocks, has the high visibility.  Her name is called frequently during the games.

Well, kinda sorta. 

I've heard public address announcers pronounce Monica's name a in a variety of ways.  Most common is GAWK.  I once asked Monica how to pronounce Gauck.  She said if you can say cow, you have it.  G-ow-ck.  I've never heard an announcer say it correctly.  I'm beginning to wonder if I have it wrong.  Monica?  How do you say Gauck?

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gauck is pronounced (gowk), wonderful set of pics great article.