Monday, June 13, 2011

Personal Note - In Case I Forget...

My former employer held a meeting for retirees last Wednesday.  There were about 300 of us, many of whom had been close business associates when I was working. 

One guy came up and I knew I knew him but I couldn't place him.  Even with a hint - he was wearing a name tag. "Mike."  Reading his name didn't help.  It quickly got worse.  He told me his daughter worked in my department.  I couldn't remember her name either, even after he told me.  I was a maverick-style manager of a small department within a big company.  I didn't look like other managers in the company and my department didn't look like other departments.  But we were good.  We had anywhere from 30 to 50 very special employees during my tenure.  Not so many I shouldn't have been able to remember every name.

But I couldn't recall Mike's daughter's name.  Until about an hour later.  Then I had a flash of recollection.  Oh, that Mike!   Mike was in agency management in Houston.  His daughter worked with me - I don't recall exactly how long but I do recall she was an asset to the department.  And I've forgotten her first name.  Again.

In my job I worked closely with agency management throughout Texas.  There is no excuse for forgetting their names.  But I also forgot Norman.  Saw him at the meeting and said "Hi."  But it took about a half-hour before I could place his full name and where he officed. 

Another guy was there, Phil.  I couldn't recall his name.  I thought and thought.  It wouldn't come.  Part of the problem was the name I was trying to remember wasn't "Phil" but Jim.  So trying to remember Phil was more difficult because I was trying to remember Jim and Jim wasn't Phil but someone else entirely.

Why am I telling you this in a blog about women who play football?  I'm planning to go to the game Saturday and shoot lots of photos.  If I see you there, I may not remember your name.  If I give you a blank stare and a simple "Hi there!" greeting, don't feel bad.  After all, I couldn't even remember Mike and he was wearing a name tag.

Senior moments.  Gettin' old.

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