Friday, June 24, 2011


I don't see the game when it is happening.  I see it in freeze frame on my computer.  I see it through my photo editor, Photoshop.  Close up - I see expressions on player's faces.

Julie Wilke, now doing other things, looking for a
receiver as she sees tacklers closing in.
The runner is one of my favorite players from Dallas -
I can't recall her name - but love the effort here in a losing cause.

I see the intensity of the battle going on out there.  The all out effort as athletes fight for one more yard, one more score. 

This is Shadana dragging tackler for a few more yards.

This is Veronica using all her strength and
leverage to protect the runner.

There's the battle in the line as blockers take on would be tacklers in a battle of strength and will.

There's the bone-jarring collision when the tackler gets a clear shot at the runner

Soho stopping the runner cold.  In stop-action, there's the suspense - a collsion with the ground is coming...

More often there's a scramble to get any kind of grip on the elusive runner in the open field

Griff getting enough of a hold to bring the runner down.

Open field tackles are tough.

And then the scene repeated so often on my monitor of Shadana or Monica breaking away from the pack and heading for the end zone.

In stop action close up I see the intensity of the game in a special way.  The photos posted here may give you a sense of why I love doing sports photography.  Sports because of the dramatic effort of the athletes, photography because I get to see the intensity in a way I think we miss watching the game live.

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