Saturday, August 17, 2013

Outlaws in the Movies

About a week ago Malia Capers-Cristobal emailed me about several Outlaws getting parts in a movie being filmed in Austin.  Jo-Anne Capers followed with some photos.  So today's posting is by guest poster Malia and guest photographer Jo-Anne.

Hey Dennis, I wanted to give you some exciting news a few of our
Malia Capers-Cristobal
outlaws received!!   We were contacted by a local director/producer for a movie they are filming in Austin.  It's called “Intramural: The Movie."  They wanted to some down right badass chicks to play roles on a girl's intramural flag football team.  We would get to beat some boys on and off the field!  We would actually get into fights with them too....

Our audition process was fun, we all met up at the address the producer gave us; it was at a residential property on the East side.  We thought we were in the wrong place but we were there!  I showed up late, just as all the other Outlaws who auditioned for a role were leaving.  I was sad, almost left because I didn't want to do it by myself.  But, Charmaine (Jackson) said she would go in with me and help support me if I needed it.  Toni (Fuller) and Maile (Capers-Cristobal) also came back to help me as well.  

After filling out a bunch of paperwork, this guy takes us to a back room with a camera in it.  He says, "okay, I'm going to say a bunch of ugly stuff...don't take it personal, just feed off of it for your crap talking back."  First thing he says "get off the field, and go back to Lamaze class!!"  I was floored!  That's the moment I got to "shit-talk" my way into a part for the film!

We received calls last week Friday, and so far about 4 Outlaws received one each of seven or eight spots on the "ManEaters" flag football team!  Me, my sister Maile, Charmaine, and Cookie.  We start filming Aug 14th and 15th.  How exciting!!  It may not be big parts in the film but it will be one of the funniest!  

The film is a sports comedy and is actually starting to pick up momentum with big name actors and some big monetary backing. Some of the names in the film are:  

*Twilight star Nikki Reed

*Saturday Night Live  players Kate McKinnon and Jay Pharaoh

*The Office  Jake Lacy

*Much Ado About Nothing  stars Nick Kocher and Brian McElhaney

*Battlestar Galactica  Michael Hogan

*Zero Charisma  Sam Edison

*Mystery Team  D.C. Pierson

*Good Neighbor sketch comedy members  Nick Rutherford and Beck Bennett.

Links for the movie website:   

Kickstarter fundraising page: 

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