Saturday, August 10, 2013

Fun Photos; View of the Sideline

The ladies who play football are remarkable in many ways.  Just the fact they play football makes them standout from the crowd.  But watching their facebook posts suggests they have full and exciting lives outside of football.  When the season ends, they don't just go home and sit around waiting for the next season to begin.  They go traveling, studying, mountain climbing, partying, boating, eating out...

So I wonder if any of them make regular visits to this blog.  Well, this week there were 134 visits to the blog.   So there is some interest here.  So I'm going to keep posting.

Today I browsed my photos - I have hundreds - and selected a few I thought you might enjoy.  Like this one.  
Outlaws Laurie Cadena in big trouble.  One Houston tackler
has her foot, another trying to steal the ball, another grabbing
her other arm.  Where are my blockers?
Makes you admire the courage of running backs, doesn't it?  That's number 7, Laurie Cadena, with the ball.  And she is in trouble. 

Speaking of "in trouble" the next couple photos show that sometimes even the great ones get tackled.  I enjoy when my camera catches facial expressions.  Maine Jackson glances over her right shoulder and suspects she is in trouble.

Charmaine Jackson sees a threat.  Not clear in the photo is a
size differential.  I think the Houston tackler has about a fifty pound
advantage over Maine.

And she's right, she is in trouble.  As the follow picture shows.

As Houston #52 wraps her arms around Maine, not in a loving way,
you know this isn't going to end well.  I should just stop here but...

I was going to just post two photos of the tackle of Maine, but I noticed something in the next photo, which led me to post a whole series...

...I posted this one even though you can't see Maine,
just her red shoes, because I like catching photographers

I noticed a young lady on the sideline capturing the action with her camera.  I'd like to see her photo.  She is in a better position than I -I'm shooting from all the way across the field, on the Outlaws side, while she's on the Houston side.  

Sometimes it is fun to observe the sideline spectators.  Seeing this photographer got me checking for some other photos of sideliners.  And here are a few I like.

This is a home game so the young lady in red, holding the
down-marker, is an outlaw fan.  The official is neutral.  I can't
read their expressions.  That's what I like about the shot, the
suspense as the Arkansas QB is about to to attempt a pass.
It wasn't a good day for Arkansas so I assume the pass was incomplete.

The Houston game.  I can read his expression - he is wincing.
The Outlaws are doing something good.

This is a favorite because so many faces are visible.  The young man right next to the official is an
Outlaw fan - I should know his name but my memory doesn't work very well.  Note that this is
as shot where my camera decided to focus on the sidelines rather than running back Reyna.
Rubi is in trouble.  And not getting  a lot of sympathy.

A half-second later you can see why the other side is excited and our young Outlaw fan is concerned.

I just threw this one in even though it doesn't fit my theme of
candid shots of spectators.  These young ladies know I'm pointing
the camera their way.  I'm posting because I think they are quite a lovely
group of Outlaw fans.  I don't know them but I do know I'd like them if
we met.  Outlaw fans are some of the nicest people I know.

I'm glad the NFL season is kicking off.  Life without football can be dull.  But not for the Outlaws.  They're filling the off season with all kinds of activities.  If you see one, please let her know there's a new post to Dennis's blog.  Thanks.

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