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I can't believe I'm doing yet another post about clothes.  Fashion is not my thing.  This is a football blog.  Not dress for success.  Blame Tiffany James.  She got me noticing socks and that let to a humor post about socks.  Then shoes.  Makes sense - shoes are right next to socks. 

Then I got to thinking about tee shirts.  I started checking my fan photos and noticing the writing on their shirts. 

Lazy but talented.
Some of the shirts have clever words.  One says "Lazy but Talented."  I like that one.  Another, "The One and Only." 

Dad is "The One and Only." I can't make out the
design on the son's shirt.
I expect a sports theme in shirts and this Outlaw fan is saying "Everyday is Gameday."  With pictures of a baseball, basketball, football, and soccer ball.  I love sports but I'm losing the joy of baseball - except now that playoffs are starting. 

Promoting lots of sports. 

A pet theme is common.  Snoopy is a pet isn't he?  Is the little yellow bird a Peanuts cartoon character?  I thought that was Tweety bird and showed up in Looney Tunes cartoons being chased by Sylvester the cat.  Been a long time since I watched cartoons.

Is Snoopy going after Tweety Bird?
Or is there a bird in the Peanuts cartoons?
Cute dog.  The tee shirt designer isn't good at English syntax. 
It should be "Who Rescued Whom."
Another pet tee shirt.  The words are "Who Rescued Who?"  and is explained by the little tiny dog sitting on the wearer's lap. it bad for me to correct syntax?  I think it should read "Who Rescued Whom."  Not many people use "whom" anymore and often use it in the wrong context.  Actually I encounter lots of syntax errors every day and I sometimes regret majoring in English.  Life would be so much easier if I didn't notice, didn't care.

Some shirts are used for advertising.  I puzzled over this one:  "DGK - Dirty Ghetto Kids."  I wondered if it were some kind of criticism or put down but doubted that.  I googled the term and all I could find is merchandise with that title.  So does the DGK have no significance outside of shirts and stuff?  If you know the answer please enlighten me.
Can you tell me anything about this logo? 
Is "Dirty Ghetto Kids" a positive?

I'm not sure... The guy on our right is advertising the Radio Shack 500.  I can't tell what the other guy is
promoting.  Actually, it probably doesn't do the sponsor much good to have after-the-fact advertising.
I thought about shirts as advertising. I wonder if businesses would pay me to wear a shirt featuring their logos? 
I'm a big guy and I could promote lots of logos.  More than in the photo below of a young woman with lots of logos.  Just think if each of those logo owners pay her $100 for the advertising.  Think if she were as big as I am.  I could advertise twice as many merchants.   At least a dozen or so.  Let's see, $100 x a dozen = $1,200!  I think I'm going to quit my day job and become a human billboard.
I count about eight logos.  At $100 each, she could
be making serious money.

But I think my business idea is fraught with difficulties.  For one thing, people happily pay to wear tees that advertise; why would anyone pay me when others will pay him/her?  And I suspect you'd want your logo displayed on...  ah, how shall I say this?  Well, on someone who looks good.  Like the two pictures below.  One is a young woman, one a baby.  They look really good.  The Outlaws must be delighted to have their brand associated with such good looking persons.  In my case, the Outlaws might just pay me to not wear their logo.

I've seen this young lady at
lots of Outlaws games. 
Wouldn't you pay to have her
wear your logo?

Did you even know the Outlaws have apparel with their logos?  You can become a walking billboard for the team.  Just imagine all the good you could accomplish just wearing a shirt that causes people to ask and you answer, Yes!  Austin does have a professional football team.  What a great conversation starter.  And the Outlaws gear looks really good.


Advertising works best when the wearer of the
shirt is a great looking little person.
 You can buy the gear at any Outlaws game.  Just look for Lily's mom.  She is a serious marketer and clearly has a lot of fun promoting the team.
Lily's mom having fun with an Outlaws fan trying out an Outlaws hat.

Outlaws store at the fancy Round Rock stadium. 


But you don't have to wait for a game.  Go to the Outlaws website and order stuff on-line. 

Here's a link to the merchandise page  on the website. 

Here's a link to the main website.

So let's do it.  Buy some Outlaws stuff and wear it proudly.  Tell people about the team.  Christmas is coming.  Buy Outlaws stuff for Christmas gifts.  Not only do you get the satisfaction of wearing neat stuff, you promote the team by being a walking advertisement.  And you promote the team financially.  It takes money to keep a professional football team going.

Questions about the Outlaws?  There's contact information on their website.  You can also find an Outlaws facebook page.



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Anonymous said...

Love it! Did you know my mom also does all the program art work, and our "season theme" which goes on the program cover and that year's t-shirts? Thanks for featuring her, she helps alot behind-the-scenes, too! :) - Lily