Monday, October 15, 2012

More Tara Andrickson Photos

Tara Andrickson was the Outlaws defensive player of the year, 2012.  In my last post I featured photos of Tara.  Here are a few more.

Tara working out, sit-ups.  Furrowed brow
suggest effort.  Stoic expression.  Focused.
I don't really know Tara.  She seems quiet, stoic.  If you  know her feel free to add comments to this blog post and enlighten me.  Now understand that I like quiet, stoic.  A businesslike approach to the game.  Even to prepping for the game building strength, doing sit-ups, hitting the blocking pad. 
Practice running the ball, running over would be tacklers.
This is Tara with the ball, Lily with the blocking pad.  Once
again, I'm seeing a focused, hard working football player.

Tara, #33, eye on the ball, looking pas the blocker.
All I know of Tara I've learned viewing action photos.  She appears focused, eye on the ball, taking a bead on the ball carrier.

Same game but another play.  Tara has passed the line and
is ready to take on the blocking back.
Tara looking for the ball carrier.  Blockers trying to keep
her away from the running back.  She often has several
blockers working on her.
In my photos she is often surrounded by opposing players.  She seems to attract blockers.  She manages to break through the line of scrimmage and becomes a problem for the blocking back, players with smaller numbers on their jerseys.
Number 14 is a running back.  Tara has eluded the line and
reached the second level of protection for the quarterback.

Football is a physical fight.  My photos show Tara engaging the blockers, doing combat. 
Tara, lower left, getting a hold on the runner and then being joined in the tackle by
about six other Outlaws. 

When Tara gets past the line, when she fights off the backfield blocker(s), she knows how to stop the runner.  Sometimes she hangs on until help arrives.  Other times she just brings the runner down on her own.  Either way, Tara is an effective defender. 

Tara bring the runner down all by herself. 
This is the first of two photos shot about a half-second apart.  I like this one because I'm
intrigued at all the tattoos on the running back.  And by the lack of tattoos on Tara.  I'll
comment further on this at the end of this post. 

The second of the two photos of this solo tackle by Tara.  I included this second shot because
I like the runner looking at the camera, kind of wide-eyed, seeming to say
"What hit me!?"

Now I'm going to get myself in trouble just a little.  Just for fun.  I've admitted often in this blog that I'm not a coach.  That just isn't something I could do.  If I showed the players everything I know, it would take up about five minutes in a practice, if I spoke slowly.  I could show them how to do the three-point stance.  I could explain how to get low to control the opponent. 

But not being able to coach doesn't keep me from giving advice to the Outlaws coaches.  Which they wisely ignore.

In a previous post to this blog I opined offensive and defensive players are different.  Not just in their roles but in their personalities.  Offensive players are naturally neat.  Defensive players are naturally messy.  I presented some arguments to support my point and suggested it just makes sense.  Offensive comes with a plan and tries to do things in an orderly fashion to accomplish the plan.  Defense just wants to mess things up. 

Offense - neat.  Defense - messy.

After viewing my photos of Tara, I've decided Tara is neat. 

She is quiet, stoic, businesslike, focused. 

Tara should be playing offense.  If I were a running back (talk about an absurd idea!) I'd want Tara out front of me.  Tara is a strong player.  Tara will do whatever she is asked to do.  She'll play defense if you ask her do.  And she'll do it right well thank you.  But Tara belongs on offense.  She was born to block. 

Just my opinion.



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