Friday, September 21, 2012

Tryouts Tomorrow

Right now you're probably asking yourself how you can get featured in this blog. 

Try out for the Outlaws tomorrow. 

Here's a link to the Outlaws Facebook page where you can get the details about the tryouts.'s-Football/120676341340196#!/events/387103554677691/

This blog was established in honor of the wonderful wacky wild women who play NFL-rules full-contact football.  Every post is either about the players or the fans or some related topic.  If you're an Austin Outlaw you have a good chance to get featured in the blog. 

Trying out is fun.  You get to see how fast you can run. 

Actually is isn't a race.  You're running to establish
your own time.  But athletes are naturally competitive. 

You get to see how many sit ups you can do. 

So much fun!

You get to see how far you can jump. 

Do orange shoelaces improve jumping distance?

Football is fun.  I'm convinced football has replaced baseball as the all American sport.  Starting in August and continuing through the Superbowl, football monopolizes the sports pages, television, fans.  Watching the game is fun.  Playing is more fun. 

If you're female, you probably haven't had much opportunity to play football.  Maybe your brothers or male cousins let you play in one of their pick-up games.  On condition you don't ask special treatment.  Playing against a bunch of guys isn't really going to give you a real appreciation of the game.  Better to play against a bunch of women.  But it is rare you can find twenty-one other women to put on pads, cleats, helmets... and go mix it up.

Well, Lily Messina, Outlaws founder, has taken care of that.  Come try out for the Outlaws and you will get the opportunity to play that wonderful game.  And you'll find out why the game is so popular.

See how much fun they're having?  And this is just during tryouts.  Or is this a practice session?

I've interviewed lots of Outlaws to find out why women play football.  The love of the game is a big reason.  Breaking stereotypes came up frequently.  Doing what people say you can't do. 

Outlaw players are nice people.
A big bonus is the camaraderie.  The women and fans of the Outlaws are some really nice people.  After a few weeks working out in practices, the Outlaws become practically family. 

So come on over to Pflugerville tomorrow and check it out.  And if you have any athletic lady friends who are a bit bigger than average, bring them along.  Football loves BIG. 

Who knows, some day you may get famous. Someday you may get featured in this blog.  Hint - it helps if you wear chartreuse shoes.

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