Sunday, September 23, 2012

Some Favorite Photos

Browsing some of my photos.  Some I kind of like.  Thought you might like them, too.  

I love the battles going on in any football game.  Especially when an Outlaw is winning.  QT Preston is one of my favorite Outlaws, one who smiles a lot and works hard and takes direction.  Inexplicably I don't have many good photos of her on the field.  Here's one I like.

QT Preston controlling a Mustang defender.
I comment occasionally about the size factor in football.  I admire the way smaller players handle competing with bigger ones.  Marisa "Cookie" Rivas is about 5' 4" and under 150 pounds.  She is quarterback so often attracts unfriendlies.  She holds her own and keeps coming back for more.

Not sure if the straight arm worked.  The defender is
bigger.  I like Cookie's spirit, fighting to escape and
throw the pass.

Kind of cute?  But there is zero affection in that hug.
Cookie is smaller.  Cookie is fighting.

This is an illegal grab of the face mask.  I'll have to
ask Cookie if she remembers, if the penalty was called.

Another hug. 

Another of my favorite photo types is close-ups of anyone associated with the Outlaws.  I like when I catch them dealing with adverse conditions.  There were some cold days early in the 2012 season.  I liked the shot of Lily Messina and coach Kent Morris making notes and braving the elements.

Lily and Mo doing whatever it is coaches do with
pen and paper.

Another close-up I like is the face in the helmet.  This is one of my favorite Outlaws, linebacker Lucinda Benitez.  I've been planning to profile her in this blog but she lives waaaaay south and I won't travel that far, and I live waaaay north and she won't come this way.  So she'll never get the fame this blog affords.  I like this photo of her shot at a practice session this spring. 

Lucinda "Precious" Benitez.  She looks soft and
sweet but this young lady is one tough

I've probably posted the following photo before.  I love the way football is a blue collar sport.  You have to get down and dirty and tough and determined and dogged.  The photo is Tiffany James grabbing a runner by the foot and hanging on until other Outlaws arrive to complete the tackle.  My kinda football.

Tiffany James playing the game the way
is is supposed to be played.


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