Monday, August 27, 2012

Zebras - part 1 1/2

Blogger's note:  Every day about twenty-five of you visit the blog.  I hope you visit because you've enjoyed past posts and hope to find some new entertaining or informative stuff.  I feel I've let you down if there is nothing new for you to enjoy.  I love doing this blog.  My aim has been to post at least twice each week and normally thrice.  But other things in life have been getting in the way.  My current pace is one post per week, normally on Monday or Tuesday.  I'm planning to stick with one serious or silly post early in the week.  And later in the week a picture post, a fun photo or two from hundreds in my files.  You may have noticed I've been announcing blog projects.  Today was supposed to be about Calvin, one of my favorite officials.  And next the Capers-Cristobal sisters.  I'm going to stop doing that.  Those posts require visiting with Calvin and Malia and Maile and I just haven't had the time.  So today's post is a fun continuation of last Tuesday - fun photos and some comments about the zebras.  

Best seat in the house?  I read a book by a baseball umpire titled "Best Seat in the House But You Have to Stand Up."  I don't think football officials have that same best-seat fringe benefit.  Football officials have to run all over the place to see what is happening. 

Actually, two camera guys, plus me, seem to have a better
view of this play than the official.  He has had to run to
keep up while we were already in position.  For you
who are interested in sports photography, I have often
tried to get a different angle on things, different from
other photographers.  In this case I was in the end
zone, which gave me a cool angle for the shot.

Unlike baseball umpires, football officials have to run with
the action.  Often trying to keep up with fleet running backs
or receivers.  Aside:  Nice Socks!  (If you've been following
this blog for awhile, you'll recall some posts where I comment
on socks our players wear.)

Sometimes the players get in the way, blocking
the officials view of the action.
And sometimes it is difficult to see what is happening because there are so many players on the field.  Or the action is spread out so it is difficult to see everything.

The ball carrier is to the extreme left.  There's some action
in the middle of the photo.  There's an Outlaw coming up
behind the official.  How does he "see" everything?

Still they manage to do a great job.  I've been watching Outlaws games for several years and I have yet to hear complaints about the officiating.  They are professional in their approach to their job.

I like this photo because the official is on top of the action.
I also like it because the Outlaw tackler is driving for the
runner's legs.  That's the way it should be done.

I've noticed something else in the officiating.  They seem to have a genuine appreciation, respect, fondness(?) for the players.  In my previous post I quoted Calvin saying the referee's job is make certain the quarterback doesn't get killed.  The officials not only carry out their responsibilities of overseeing the play, they genuinely like the ladies who play this game with such energy and dedication. 

I don't know if you can see it.  Maybe I'm imagining
it.  But it looks to me like the official is feeling the pain
of the lone Outlaw surrounded by four Dallas Diamonds.

The referee's job is to protect the quarterback.  Cookie is in trouble.  When should he
blow the whistle?  He isn't allowed to step in and make a block.

I had to study this photo awhile before I realized what was happening.  Between plays the officials are bantering with the players.  The zebras are nice guys.  Who would have thought?

I have one more post coming about officials at Outlaws games.  Maybe next Monday.  Or who knows what my next post will be?  I don't.

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