Friday, August 5, 2011


The game is the thing but sometimes the sidelines produce fun photos.  Coaches, players not in the game at the moment, others involved in the game but not in it - have provided me with entertainment when editing on Photoshop.  I thought  you might enjoy some of these sidelines shots.

We used to have a silly song, "I'm a lonely little petunia in an
onion patch."  That's how the Outlaw player must feel on the
Mustang's side of the field.  She has drawn line marker duty. 

When Dikibo is in the picture, it doesn't bode well for the other team.
The expressions on the sideline reflect serious concern about the
action on the field.

Love the hat.  The visiting team gets the sunny side of the
field.  That would be great up north but in Texas, that's
the hot spot.  This coach came prepared.

I enjoyed watching the photographer whipping his camera around to capture Griff breaking up the pass.  Not so sure about the sandals and short pants.

A couple of my favorite sideline shots capture some of the emotion of game through the eyes of the other team coaches and staff.  Both of the following photos have been posted on this blog before but I like them so much and they fit this topic so well that I hope you won't mind seeing them again.

Ouch!  That must hurt.

I think the guy holding the down marker is one of our guys.  The
two guys in tan pants aren't having as much fun as he is.  Can you
read body language?  The kneeling by the 30 yard marker is an example
of body language saying he's sad.
The one above captures the facial expression of an OKC coach as Ski delivers a crushing tackle.  It even hurts way over on the sideline.

And the one to the right captures three coaches in shock as Dorothy Hines steals one of their completed passes and heads the other way.  Especially fun is the coach on one knee, unwilling to watch the whole play.

Dorothy Hines is a caregiver in civilian life, plying some of her
skills for the benefit of calf-muscle cramped teammate.

Shadana getting some tape on a sprained
The sideline is a place where business is carried on during the game.  Little injuries like a muscle cramp - have you ever had one?  They can really cause you some pain.  Or ankle sprains.  Sometimes some sideline care can put the player back in the game. 

The sideline is for coaching.  While the defense is on the field the offence gets some strategy for when we
get the ball back.

Coaching from the sideline - the guy on the left pointing - is he telling the runner where the end zone is?
 The lady with her arms up was included in another of my posts, something about flying.

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