Saturday, August 20, 2011

Elusive Runners

Monica needs to elude big number 79.  I like her chances.
Just in general running backs are smaller than the defensive linewomen and linebackers.  Just in general running backs are quicker than defensive linewomen and linebackers. 

This is nature's way of preserving the species. 

There is a certain balance in nature - small and quick versus big and strong.  And slow.  Sometimes the big linewoman gets hold of the runner. Sometimes the runner eludes the tackler.  That's what makes the game so interesting.

This posting is about runners.  I browsed my Outlaws photos and pulled out shots of elusive runners eluding tacklers.

Shadana eluding the outstretched arm of a big
would-be tackler.  I relate with the tackler.
"Where'd she go?"

As a former lineman I have experienced the embarrassment of aiming a tackle at a runner and ending with arms full of air.

Monica hoping her teammate makes the block.  There's
trouble behind, trouble ahead.  But she is slanting left,
going to squeeze through the gap.
Shadana ready to do some serious eluding.
Dallas runner runnning for her life.

Trouble to the right, trouble straight ahead.
Sharp cut to the left.  She'll go on to pick up a lot of yards.

When the difference in size is substantial, the runner has the incentive of self-preservation.  Imagine a 135 pound Monica being smothered under a 300 pound Bertha Big tackle.  Not a pretty sight.

Monica is in there somewhere.  I had to include at
least one photo where big wins.

I heard a new (to me) expression this past week as NFL teams negotiate with hold-out players.  The commentators talked about running backs having a limited shelf-life.  Meaning that running backs take so much punishment that their careers aren't as long as, say quarterbacks. 

In another post we can talk about pampered QBs. 

For now the story is runners running for their lives.

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