Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Tackling 2

This is Bridgette Brown simply crushing the runner.  When
Bridgette hits you you will go down.  Note the runner is airborne.
One way to bring the runner down is with a good solid hard hit.  Football is about power and speed.  In a direct meeting of the two, power wins. 

It is sometimes difficult to see the power in my freeze-frame photos.  One good sign is when one player's feet are both off the ground.  Another is when one player is tilting backwards.  Another way is to notice who is doing the hitting.  If it is Bridgette Brown, you can believe it is a power hit.

This is a poor photo from a couple years ago.  But the
hit is a power hit, the runner is going down.  Now.
When a small runner meets a large tackler, in this
case Nicolette Arceneaux - the runner loses.

Technique helps.   Get low, shoulder into the runner's middle - aim for the belt buckle.  Wrap up the legs.  It is difficult to run if your legs are in the grasp of a tackler. 

A sure tackle, shoulder low into runner's midsection, arms grabbing
the legs.  This shot a little late because the runner is already down.
Shoulder low aimed at runner's midsection,
arms surrounding runner's legs.  Tackle secure.

Tackling is difficult. I've been browsing game photos looking for perfect tackles.  There aren't many.  Part of that is me.  I don't get every tackle so probably miss some good ones.  Part of it, though, is that tackling is difficult and there aren't a lot of perfect tackles.  I had noticed this before in my Outlaws photos and so I started studying NFL games for perfect tackles.  There aren't many.  Even at that level.  

Among my Outlaws photos I have two that I keep returning to, keep reposting because they are such excellent images of power football combined with technique.  One features Ski Tejeda and the other Soho Brooks.  Both outstanding athletes.  Both power football players.

Ski's power is apparent as the runner is driven up off her feet.  In this photo I love the expression on the guy
on the sideline to camera right.  If Ski ever retires, maybe she'll come back as a tackling coach.

Soho in an absolutely crushing tackle.  Power and technique stop the runner cold.

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